I need some idea validation and trying to bounce off some thoughts with you. Please help me find the loopholes.

Idea 1:
Sadly I don't have tiddies or ass to sell myself on OnlyFans and hence, I have to struggle in corporate hell.

So now instead of selling my man boobs, I built a Product where I curate knowledge related to my field by collating content from Internet.

I have made it available for free. However, I cannot setup OnlyFans here and have instead integrated Buy Me a Coffee widget (in case some finds knowledge and information useful in this age, they might want to support the efforts).

I have received countless messages from all over appreciating my work. No cash though.

Now my plan is to utilise whatever funds I raise via BMC to buy LinkedIn Ad space and try to promote my Product in and around the hiring manager or related users in the company I want to go.

So when I land an interview, it could improve my chances of getting hired (along with my skill sets ofc where this product adds values to it) and at the same time the ad will reach new users boosting overall growth.

I know this a moon shot right now but I want your opinion on the same.

Idea 2:
Create another page in aforementioned Product hidden navigation and no access to public. Fill in all relevant keywords to get it ranked higher in SEO results. Maybe this way I can get more organic traffic via Google and others.

Help me validate this thought as I am new to SEO and the concept. I am currently using Google Sites to host this static product so can easily add and hide page.

Idea 3:
Since I am revamping my resume, I have decided to go to Google's job portal where they list their openings and find all the jobs matching my skill set.

Copy relevant job description and collate all different keywords.

And then, use all that content to build my resume to get ranked higher by ATS and be a better match and more structured than other candidates.

I would not be applying to Google alone but they have some of the best approaches so just trying that route. If I aim for Google, I can definitely get into a decent company.

Again, need you to help me find loopholes in this approach and how can I improve.

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    #2 is unethical and can result in you being ranked down by Google. Also, if you want to have the hidden pages indexed by Google, they are indexed and users might visit them - if you redirect your users away, Google will detect this eventually and not count the pages.
    Still, it might work, but more or better content does improve you ranking as well (and will not have side effects).
    If you encourage sharing your site (e.g. on social media), your rank should grow as well (because of more pages linking to you).
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    @sbiewald Got it.

    So any page ranked but not visited will be taken off from SEO engine.

    While other pages cover a ton of those keywords already and many visit it, I just wanted to experiment this.


    Due to some limitation in Google Sites, I cannot add Share button :(
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    First paragraph of Idea 1 made me stop reading. You trying to be funny?
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    @KDSBest Yes bro. I am here for stand-up comedy.
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