2020. Such awesome features to have in a piece of software! Here, take all of my money. And my wife and dog and left kidney.

"Write Things Down

You can write text.
That text stays there.
You can read it later.
You can make text purple."

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    And it can also duplicate the text!
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    What’s the app you’re talking about
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    @cafecortado Yep, I can see it twice too. Not sure if it's a bug or a feature (by the author)
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    @uyouthe phabricator. I will keep trying to get people to use it wherever I work
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    I only want your right kidney, else no deal.

    BTW what software are you talking about?
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    @raspark @cafecortado it's an amazing feature on the Post button when you're on a $923582985 mac that loses wifi connection because the router is too far away at 12 feet away, where you click it once and it doesn't do anything so you think you didn't really click it so you click it again so you can post your shit.

    So anyway, sorry for the double post. And FUCK computers. And software.
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