So the only other guy besides me who has been working on our frontend is not renewing his contract past August 31st, and we have known about this for the entire year.
We have let our boss know on multiple occasions that we need to do a bit of an information exchange leading up to this, but since we have been working our asses off to be able to meet the arbitrarily set release deadline of our 4 year project by last weekend of May, and then spent all our time after that leading up to summer vacation extinguishing the fires from that release, we haven't had any time to do the information exchange.

Fast forward to this week, it's the second week back after vacation for the entire dev team, and me and the colleague have finally gotten to it. Of course we ran into problems updating years old packages, because why not, right?

Then my boss asks what I think about pausing the exchange for a week or two to implement some new features that the users has been whining about...

I was this close to a flat out 'are you fucking with me?', but I somehow managed to express myself a tad bit more professionally.

I have lurked on devRant for many, many years, but this is the first time I've felt the need to post a rant.

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    thank you for this fine rant! 🙂
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    Typical boss. Short sighted AF and in constant firefighting mode.
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    Good read. Have a vote and be welcome here.
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    Highly appreciated first rant, even the right tags!
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    Your boss is an idiot.
    Feel free to tell him that, although nicely.

    At worst, your coworker can write up a document detailing everything. That often works better anyway because you can go back and refer to it, and because writing it down leads to more details and covering things they might otherwise have forgotten to include.
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    I was in a similar situation not long back, only I was the one leaving. Trying to find anyone else to *listen* to the information I was trying to provide was an exercise in frustration, until of course my last few days, when the panic started...

    A business fighting fires like that though is one to get out of - you won't go anywhere if you're at full capacity just trying to hold stuff together.
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    fine rant, that's the stuff I sign up for
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    Welcome to DevRant!

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