I hate this job.

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    @Root, we need you stash of 🥃 for this one.

    @rutee07 🍸
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    @C0D4 The liquor ban is lifted, this is perfect! You guys have weed? I wanna try some of those.
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    I hate your job too man.
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    @F1973 Let's hate it together until it dissolves.
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    Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?
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    @Stuxnet I want to unplug and never plug again. Chug some alcohol instead.
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    @rutee07 but momma will be sad :(
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    @F1973 Who's momma? Cooking Mama?
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    @rutee07 Mom? Mother? Birth giver?
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    I severely believe that the more you go up on it the more you hate it. Software Engineering is very similar in many regards to art: You appreciate working on your own shit but start to hate working on shit that people request from you.

    at work I manage a Web Development department, at home I do lots of stupid shit on my own from fucking around with compiler theory to looking at Vulkan being all new shiny and sexy to deep learning concepts (I am more interested in the mathematical concepts of it though) and the last thing that comes to mind for me is the absolute horrorfest shitcreek that Web Development is.

    when my wife asks me about ideas for the future in terms of business venture I tell her that unless I get to developer GUI applications with server endpoinds without ever having to see a fucking line of html/css/js in my life then I don't think I would want to be part of I.T anymore.

    I was born for it, but I don't like where the masses are taking it to.
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    @AleCx04 Damn. No wonder why I hate my tasks faster than I used to. Back then, it takes a while to figure things out so it also takes a while to realize you put in so much effort to achieve such a stupid goal. These days, it's like "Okay, I see what you want me to do and I don't want to do it but hey, I like money."
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    @Root Do you have it in aquarium size?

    @rutee07 Indeed, It's nice not to die and having money helps with that

    (Good luck)
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    @Jilano Maybe I'd sell you again in the black market. Just don't forget to come back so I can re-sell. I've seen streams of Graveyard Keeper, I know how to do it now.
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    @rutee07 Web development was my first and second job.

    First - internal applications with PHP
    Second - the same for clients not internal

    Both done with the absolute shittiest shitfest of frameworks.... And both were an example of howto not develop software.

    I took a glimpse at some JS frameworks afterwards...

    And while some were built on solid concepts, it always felt like the bullied became the bully.

    -- this is _not_ rational, but rather an emotional description --

    Javascript was always that thingy that felt alien to me.

    Be it Vanilla (i had to deal with ECMA Script 3 / IE 6-8) or JQuery, Dojo, Mootools amd even Xajax...

    Alien since in most cases it was broken - you rather bit in the rotten apple of browser support / CSS then trying to fist the shithole of Javascript. Shithole because the JS Vanilla support was walking the fine line between "lemme see in which version of browser this works" and "lemme see what krutches and kludges are needed to do this".

    Krutches and kludges since every browser hat it's own kinks.

    It became better after 2010 - since the major browser vendors decided to stop playing kindergarten and throwing poop at each other. Browser support became reliable instead of a fragmented thing - JS started to make sense.

    In the next years I chuckled about things like "PDF renderer in JS"… MP3 encoder in JS... And other stuff.

    Then ECMA Script 5 materialized...

    JS frameworks started popping out like pimples during acne.

    No wonder, at least for me, since the language became finally useable without having to add a shitton of kludges and krutches.

    I looked at that time at some frameworks since I evaluated if I wanted to enter the forbidden garden of JS, again.

    But I realized very quickly that ECMA Script 5 led to the same fragmentation that we had before. Just in a more insane way.
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    The previous hated JS that was given wedgies now had the strength to give wedgies... And it did. In form of "every framework possible".

    Since everyone wants to shove their opinion about what JS is so deep in your arse ....

    And that's why I never touch Web + JS again.

    It just keeps making me feel alienated.
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    @rutee07 Resell value of used goods is fluctuating a lot nowadays. Not sure one can keep its value for a long time!
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    Every once in a while I do think I should just go move boxes in some warehouse. Then I remember the part-time restaurant job I had for a whole 1 week, and I remember that things can always be worse.
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    @ars1 Tell me about it.
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    @rutee07 where are you based? We just had our liquor ban lifted in South Africa
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    @ddit Philippines.
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