So I decided to try out Autodesk Maya since Maya is pretty popular in the modelling and animation. I get the education license to learn Maya. I follow their docs to install Maya on linux. First I install it with the installation wizard. Then I launch Maya and then it crashes on single sign in. I go through the logs and google the error which takes me to the Maya Linux docs with some additional notes which they did not men tion which told I needed I needed to disable a feature to allow licesning which they did not tell in the installation .

Why Autodesk why didnt you tell that stuff in the installation process. Then I get another error and I get to another forum which tells me to register maya but it does not work. So I post my issue in their forum which others faced but were not solved and then they redirect me to the forum main page and their pinned post says autodesk licensing update April 2020 and this is August. I install the update and it works though I sign in with Autodesk does not work but I activated with serial number. Autodesk are you stupid. why didnt you update the tar file with the packages in 3 months.

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    I would bet the number of individual licences they sell for Linux would be very small. Site licences for Linux installations probably work like a charm
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    Most molding companies use windows, that's why only a few of these companies develop for Linux.
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    @GyroGearloose Sinple answer there are not many frameworks now for linux apps. Java is not used that much dotnet or c# there is no way to make guis You could use gtk but that does not work on mac well and if you are making for mac or windows you would be better of using microsft or apple's gui software .

    Electron does exist but came late and used a lot of memory. Companies would happily rewrite their software if there were enough users like companies do for mac and ios.

    Well if you want good cross platform stuff there is flutter is coming with linux support and there is Qt which Maya uses which is open source but extremely expensive to use but is very old and mature. Since maya used Qt which autodesk allowed it to buy it is available with all its bell and whistles. I should actually be thanking Maya to add linux support since they gotta write some of their stuff like licensing again and add vulkan and opengl support and write docs.
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    @momad Autodesk would be foolish to do so and they have enough brains to understand that they making a mistake. A lot of maya users would have single licensed and there is a small trend of going from windows to linux and if their software works almost same on linux making linux users happy and continue buying maya and many small shops would happily save a few bucks if they get a custom rig without windows using centos and do the same stuff and have decrease productivity for a month till their employees get the hang of linux and can become as productive as normal and their it guy can handle the driver updates easily with the rpmfusion repos or the employees could just copy paste the upgrade command and click y and update it themselves
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