Have you ever prepared some of those cup noodles in the middle of the night and paired it with some cheap energy drink to get that old "back when I was a teenager and passionate about this shit" feeling back? Maybe get those cardboard McDonald's or some fastfood shit you can afford when you were a student?

Remember those thesis days when you can re-write an entire application in one night and now you have a simple task where you basically just have to copy/paste shit together and your response is "This is dumb, it's gonna take 13 days and 69 minutes. Also, I'm gonna be sick for 78 days, could be COVID, maternity, paternity, hemorrhoids, whatever."

Then you realize that carbs make you sleepy and caffeine has stopped working for your jurassic body since you've reached the ripe old age of 20 and became a MILF. Now you need Anlene or Diabetasol, whatever those things are. You want pomade on your hair while you dream of salmon and brocolli. You need viagra even for your brains, wooh.

Now you say, "Fuck this, it's bed time" at 10PM, woah granny, you forgot about cOdEcAdEmY. Are you ready to settle down to an IBM job and ping IP addresses or something? You gonna retire?

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    10PM pah! kids these days...
    I'm already at 9PM in deep slumber.
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    Nope, I have insomnia. This fucking brain keeps me up until 2-3 every fucking night. 😐
    For the rest of the day, my brain barely fucking works.

    That's the only thing I miss about being younger. Being able to sleep on command.
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