Unreal Engine 4 Documentation sucks. Before my exposure to Unreal Engine 4, I have experienced different API reference/documentation in my life. Every one of them was elaborate- every parameter and return value was described (sometimes with example code), even though I didn't understand everything. But the UE4 C++ API reference is the worst fucking thing out there. Code excerpt is a luxury, even the parameters of complicated functions are not detailed. Look at the image, how the fuck am I going to understand what these parameters do! I checked it on the visual studio; some of the parameters have default values, which were not mentioned in the reference either. Looks like, they want to make money by selling their books and courses. I hate my fucking life! I hate this world!

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    That's pretty bad. Somehow it's always C++ and Python that have bad documentation, what's up with that?
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    @12bitfloat I think the blame is on Unreal rather than C++. OpenGL, although a low-level C API, has elaborate documentation: https://khronos.org/registry/...

    I would appreciate any tips to cope with worse documentation.
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    I guess I've just built up a tolerance, as this is what I've come to expect from most documentation.

    Best way to deal with it is to adopt a healthy dose of contempt, and lower your expectations. #DownInIt
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    @AngryHemlock Too be fair, Khronos know what they're doing and OpenGL isn't a typical "C(++) library"
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    Damn, Unreal is not an option for me then...
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    By the number of people complaining about UE4's crappy C++ documentation I'm scared to dive in when I'll start…
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