New feature request for devRant

1. Markdown
2. Block
3. User search when you type @ in post or comments

What feature would you like to be implemented?

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    Dfox said no markdown because it's not a place to share code

    You can block users

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    @frogstair why do you think markdown is only for sharing code snippets?

    What a poor thinking on understanding the use case.

    How can I block users? Can I do it via App because I didn't see the feature in the web?
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    A) markdown would be abused. Think: posts that are entirely bold, italic, and underline. Or overused headers. Or every other character bold. Especially the new users who post low quality content in a desperate grab for internet points would abuse it to hell.

    B) You can “block” users via the web app, but it doesn’t appear to do very much.

    C) That would be nice. I’m tired of switching back and forth trying to get the spelling right on some of them.
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    I think full markdown support is too much (headings, lists, code blocks, etc), I'd say bold and italic text is enough.

    What I would like to see though are polls, but I think they should be something limited. First, a minimum of 500++ to post polls to prevent spam. Second, one of three options:
    - a limit on like 1 poll per week per user;
    - polls "cost" 50-100++;
    - only supporters can make polls;

    But I think this will never be implemented, devrant seems a bit "abandoned" by the devs lately. People say they were active users, I have personally never seen dfox or trogus comment on any "regular" rants.
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    @Root devrant could require at least ~300++ to be able to use markdown, but as I wrote on my comment above, no headings or codeblocks or fancy shit. Just bold and italics.
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    𝗕𝘂𝘁 𝘄𝗲 𝗰𝗮𝗻 𝗱𝗼 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀
    𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴

    so there's really no need to add mardown at all.
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    @Root fair point but can be solved through different solutions. Like minimum threshold or comments only.

    I have never seen block feature on web. Need to check tomorrow on web.

    @neeno I like Only supporters access. That way we boost supporters too and folks get additional features.

    @just-a-lurker okay. I wouldn't comment on that because too lazy to type.
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    @Root Definitely agree on that C. I can never remember Alec.. AlexC... Sbfhksbdfjfjfl

    Others I just swap few characters in my mind. @F1973 for example. I always think it's "F1793" and then guess it's probably the year he was born (or something) so I change it.
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    1. Please no. It would be spammed and abused. This platform has limited scope, if you need formatting use pastebin or something.

    2. Yeah I would like this too but it might send community interaction below the sustainability threshold. That's dfox's call to make.

    3. Would be nice to have but it would result in many, many more requests to the server and it's not something that we can't live without. Again dfox's call.
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    @Jilano 1793? Really? Do you think I am that young?

    This beard contains age old wisdom.

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    @F1973 To be honest I have trouble seeing it correctly due to that shining lighthouse on the top of your head. It does look nice from afar, though
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    @Jilano how many rants does it take to change the bulb?
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    @F1973 At least three.
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    @Jilano on it...
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    User search sounds awesome.
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    You can implement user search locally if you're so inclined. Possibly even as a remote cache and a plugin. Asking dfox to pay for it though, probably a little much given the volume of freeloaders and the low cost of premium.
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    @RememberMe Nah. Just fetch the list once and cache it.
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    @Root fair enough, brainfart moment there. I should sleep more.
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    No, No, Yes
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    1) no, we are mostly... devs, we don't need no markdown, we get creative instead.

    Although the occasional code block would be nice, but yea would be abused.

    2) didn't that get removed?
    There was a block feature but it didn't really do anything.

    3) much needed, saves closing this comment and coming back to type a name in because I know I spelt it wrong.

    4) see 1.
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    Remove ++ . This will prevent most low quality posts created out of pure attention whoring. This can be even done individually. Just make my karma permanent zero and block me from seeing ++ of other people. It will also stop false sense of importance ind superiority seen in older members.
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    @aviophile Yes. Hide the karma for certain duration like 10 hours or something.
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    @F1973 nah I want it gone fully, forever.
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