I'm using sololearn and watching the video on codecamp.org
C# Tutorial I just learned comments console.write line
Variables strings I think , operators just now but if I learn these
C# hello world, C# data types, C# variables, C# User Input, C# if else, C# while and for loops, C# methods, C# strings, C# classes\
Will I be able to make games at a good start? Or suggest I learn all?
After i will use sololearn for Python To automate stuff but like a dumb person like me you cant automate anything on android with python just idle games =/

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    I am not a dev. Does that mean I am not your friend?

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    @F1973 Yes you can be my friend even though you are not a dev?
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    @OverclockedGD 🥰🥰🥰
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    yes, just start making a game and u will learn on the way
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    c# : after having learned all that you wrote you will be about at one tenth of the basic knowledge you need to make a non-crap (read: something more interesting than flappy bird) game.

    but you'll be able to start learning the remaining 9 tenths by actually trying to make a game.

    go fo Unity3D, trying to learn opengl/directX and making your own rendering engine would be too difficult for you at this point, and mostly a waste of time.
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    I'm thinking on making an rpg game with text and like a feature where you
    Can mine gold with the incremental operator =/
    Then add some other features

    But I only have the C# ide which is visual Studio on my pc
    I need visual Studio code to have the rest of the Langs
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