Me, shooting myself in the leg while trying to apply for phd.

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    Should've written that in calligraphy ;)
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    @electrineer Should have worn my fancy clothes
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    @NickyBones Well why didn't you?! You know how much wearing that Goth/Victorian era thing empowers people!

    PS: Also a monocle because you need to.
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    Oh, I'm applying for PhD too, this hits so close to home
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    @RememberMe He said he remembers me and asked if I'm still skating 😂
    But he doesn't have an open position until a year from now, when one of his current students graduates :(
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    @Jilano I only have a hamster onesie in my fancy clothes section.
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    @NickyBones That's no marmoset pajamas, but I guess that'll do 👍
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    I didn't know this is how you apply for a PhD. Just look for open positions? Been wanting to go do a PhD in artificial intelligence but I am not sure how to go about it.
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    @witchDev I guess it depends on how friendly you are with that person?
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    Haha I love you.
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    @witchDev first, research about people in the field in the universities you're targeting. (location/field) Specially professors. Like, read up on their papers and get yourself familiarized with their style and topic of work. Then, contact them to see if they have an open position and discuss what you want to research on. (roughly, as ideas change in time) if they told you they have an open position or already a topic in mind, then you just go and write your proposal and get hired by them.
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    @NickyBones ask him about other universities and professors. You can always change uni and topic in a year, if you weren't happy with your topic.
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    Finishing thesis. 😢
    I'll soon be in the same boat. Except, I'll also be jumping ship to a different country as well.
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    @NoMad I already contacted several professors in different unis. However, answers are slow because it's vacation time...
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    @NickyBones don't lose hope. Plus, this is the perfect time to read up and write summaries that you could use in your future research! 😁
    Oh, and, take a vacation. Suicide rate amongst phd students is the highest, so do take care of your mental health while you can.
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    @NoMad I'm more of the homicide type than suicide, to be honest :)
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