I don’t need productivity.

People are trying to “be productive” to do the work that they find “important”. Nigga you’re just sitting there making cruds for a company that will be gone in a year leaving no trace and making no impact. And if you’re a scientist and you do research you hate only to “push humanity forward”, remember Yablochkov. He invented lightbulb before Edison. Could his invention push humanity further? Yes it could. Was it acknowledged and recognized though? No it wasn’t.

Making an impact and remaining in history is pure luck. There is no universal meaning in what you do as long as you can’t guarantee that YOUR invention WILL make an impact. You can’t guarantee that. But if there is no universal meaning doesn’t mean you can’t introduce it. I bet significant researchers did what they did not because they forced themselves to but because they loved it and couldn’t help it.

Do things because it is important to YOU, not for someone else.

“But that means that I should quit my shitty job now and I can’t do that, if you’re homeless just buy a house, duh”

When I was in the military, I had to deliver draft orders and make sure shitty computers work. The most boring job ever, right? Instead of suffering I invented my own meaning. Draft order template wasn’t specified so I experimented with typography and learned a lot about typefaces, grids and limitations that mass production introduces. I learned about SoE automation to keep computers fresh. I learned the basics of graph theory to find the most efficient route across the city that would include 30-40 flats I should visit. I also learned basics of social engineering to get what I want even from the strictest people imaginable, the military people.

Productivity is a cuck buzzword invented to make you do the work you don’t love. They tell you about “meaning” and how another startup is going to “change the world”. fuck them. Introduce your own meaning and you’ll never need to force yourself again.

And if some manager tells you that “you isn’t productive enough”, answer with “the only thing that isn’t enough here is my paycheck”.

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    Yet idiot managers don't seem to comprehend this approach.

    "Don't refactor the whole feature, and solve 10 bugs! - just do this small bug fix! Now I have to get QA to test the whole thing!"

    Well. Fuck you. I refuse to be a conforming idiot. I'm my own brand of idiot.
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    @magicMirror I have a very large set of tools to make any manager feel stupid and insecure. You mofo know that I know how stupid you are, this is your blackmail.
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    @uyouthe That I can do in my sleep. not kidding. I got called once, during a covid19 WFH nap, and got the manager to sound like a moron
    after he asked his
    question. using only the phraze: ".... what?"

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    @magicMirror high five mate. Gottem
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    @uyouthe *talks in gravel voice "something something...house with no doors."
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    "But those 9 bugs are not so severe"
    "But they are shitty for the users... And are due to technical debt which will lead us to more bugs and are already weight on the application ..."
    "I get you, but just fix the uppercase bug"
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    @piratefox Not my idiot manager position. his position can be summed up as:
    "the presales, sales, and client did not see the other 9 bugs. yet. but the stupid presale guy did see this one yesterday, so fix the one they noticed, and lets hope they never see the other 9."

    I refuse to do a shit job.
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    nice pic. I'd like to do all things in the same way
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