Every time my anxiety kicks in, I hear the music from Outlast 2 when the Christian loonies start chasing you and my heart starts racing. I want to run fast, grab a shotgun, and shoot every demon in sight. But someone said that talking to me during these moments is like having a gun pointed at them.

Fuck the dark thoughts, I'm not getting paid being hunted down by the same old demons. I'm gonna finish a week's worth of work today on a Saturday. Fuck, maybe a month's worth for the whole weekend. I'm gonna hunt bugs instead and actually understand all the boring concepts I've been avoiding.

Fuck you, brain. Fuck. You.

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    Anxiety is great if you need to run away from a lion and a complete arsehole if your stressed about anything not actually dangerous.

    Fuck anxiety, or get a pet lion 🤷‍♀️
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    @UnicornPoo That is on my bucket list.
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