Who really likes Zuckerberg?
I wonder if Zuckerberg's wife truly likes him.

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    Ads like him!
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    She likes his money and their gardeners big d.
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    Might be a chill dude privately. As far as public face is concerned, I wouldn't give shitballs about anyone in a public setting because it is just irrelevant for anybody except journalists.

    There is nothing to like, nor dislike, because we don't know them.
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    @theuser I mean it's so stressful to living a normal life being a public figure with paparazzi constantly converting your life to clicks.

    Anything you do gets amplified 100x.
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    @theuser there r big people like elon musk, who have a hero like public image. does zuckerberg feels lonely, what outlook he might have on life? i feel bad if I do even a little bit of harm to something or someone, I'm just very sensitive.

    I was watching J. Krishnamurthi's interviews, his views on life... and it shook me. I'm lost or something..
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    Zuckerberg is a robot, they don't have emotions
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