how do you deal with multiple bosses? Like if you are the juniormost person in the team, and one boss comes asks you to do something, then another boss comes , asks you to do another thing, and so on? Its like nobody wants to see me breathe. I want to think on doing something creative, do some non tech or other work, but no, a fucking office work should always be in mind :/

And what's more frustrating is that 1st guy asked me to remove something because he got instructions from his boss , the other wants to add the same thing back . FUCK IT .

I am now remembering why i hated doing jobs at the first place

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    Two quote Jesus, "yo, Dawgs, I can't serve two masters, so you guys best get your shit together and sort out between yourselves what it is you want me to do before I peace out this shit hole."
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    Drop it on them to prioritise for you and say you'll do what they say.

    Politics me mat padna bhai.. lawww lag jayenge..
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    Also congratulations for your new job.

    That sounds like 2 mid level wanna be team leads trying to get shit done by you for their own promotion/praise. Lol

    Make sure you get your due credits of work you deliver.
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    Send one email to both of them explaining the conflicting requests. That'll solve the immediate issue.

    How did you end up with two bosses anyway? They need to sort out the chain of command between them.
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    @EmberQuill 1Large 2Boss

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    @SortOfTested He truly was ahead of his time
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    I always tell them my current priorities and as if they want me to push those back.

    And I inform the folks whose wishes were pushed back if it seems like a good idea.

    Otherwise sometimes I will ask the two competitors to work it out and let me know and maybe tell them what I will be doing in the meantime.
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    @F1973 i am not actually working full time. Its a small US cannabis based company where my friend is almost at the level of CTO (basically my fried and this other guy made the whole stuff working for the US guy and the 3 created a whole company out of it, with now 10-12 ppl) and i am hired as a intern by him . Its a temporary situation.

    But i have seen this situation many times . most of the times i would usually reach the boss with more seniority, but that pisses off the other guy. So what am currently doing is writing a long summary after every 1 on 1 video call in the main slack channel( with very delicate english so as to not piss anyone) to keep everyone in sync .

    I thought there must be some better way to deal with this
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    @F1973 it me kaam se jaada politics hai bhai :/
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    @2Large scene toh aisa hi hoga aage bhi. Log aise hi milenge.

    Pehla niyaam corporate ka: zubaan pe shakkar aur dimaag pe baraf rakh ke kaam kar.

    Diplomacy goes long way.

    If your friend is at CTO level then raise a concern to him and bring it to his notice.

    And since you are an intern nothing much to worry about.

    Also tera resume bhej mujhe. Jack lagate hai tera kahi. Telegram ya LinkedIn kuch use karta hai?
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    To boss 1: "Sorry, I'm working on this thing boss 2 asked me to do. He said you're a piece of shit that should never be listened to. I don't know, that's what he said." *shrugs*

    To boss 2: "Oh no, I didn't say that. I just refused to do the thing boss 1 asked me to because I was working on yours then he got angry and said YOU are a piece of shit that should never be listened to. I don't know, that's what he said." *shrugs*

    Actual boss fight ensues.
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    @rutee07 *cues boss fight music*
    *Munches 🍿*
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    @F1973 lol devrant se bhi kabhi job related help milegi , aisa kbhi socha ni tha... Yaha to kuchh bhi bakta hai mai . But yeah telegram use krta hu , @twolarge
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    @2Large devRant ko aise hi mera digital ghar nahi maanta bhai mai.

    Ye jagah bahut sahi hai. Trust me.
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    Also become a boss and let someone else suffer your demands
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