Just some more thoughts on Life and money, a spiritual sequel to my previous rant on money:https://devrant.com/rants/2854425/...

Based on thoughts from other people and my own experiences, I have made this pyramid(Please point me to stuff like this, if you have already seen one)
I will call it as "Goals of a general Human". Say if you have suddenly born into the world fully naked onto a street with a 21 year old body( in other words fully independent and without relations) , then i guess this would be your goal to live your next 60-80 years:

0. The zeroth point to note is that this pyramid runs on money. Their is no way a person could create even the bottommost level without money. Weather you earn it by yourself , someone else give it to you or you take it forcefully, everything could be just achieved by money.

1. The first thing for any human is to achieve the minimum requirements of living : food , clothes, shelter and education.
I often feel everyone should be definitely getting this, but sadly the biggest competition to struggle for life is seen in this level.

2. the 2nd comes equally as soon as the first gets filled: The need to get safety and health for ourselves. People are forced to live in pollution filled areas, near garbage or eating unhealthy food. Personally if i have made sure that i have clothes to wear, food to eat and a shelter above, i can only then make sure if the plate i am eating is clean, the cloth i am wearing is untainted and the place i am living is without any open sewer. Other than that.

3. The next comes the investments. People invest , keep their money in banks, buy lands and properties so as to have some money in case their daily life got disrupted, but more so for future needs.

4. The next comes the luxury. The Usually the people will put luxuries at par with basic needs . Personally.

5. The final stage is the power. Its a situation when you have a hell lot of money: you are no longer worried about the basic needs, quality of life, future needs, you can have the luxury as much as you want and yet you still have the money. At this stage you are powerful. Not just because you have a particular amount of money, but because for you, so much money is coming in "You can have whatever you want".
And that's where you get the definition of power : To be able to do what you want, without someone stopping you or without someone's help . You want a helipad in your home? done. You want to become the president of US? Done.

The power is so sweet to have that it eventually becomes a cockfight. Once you are the biggest in town, you want to continue working on it to remain the biggest. That's why i didn't capped the power triangle


I am often conflicted about what i really want. I do not desire the power. The definition of power is self centric, but its just not following the conventional system: If you want something you can achieve it no matter the impact on other people.

So do you really want to be that god like personna who could have anything without thinking about the impact? I am pretty sure that since money is so much intermingled with our lives , that if jeff bezos wants to get something done, without considering the society, it would definetly be harming someone on this planet.

Thus the "consideration" clause is very important at this level which could either make you the god or villain. I do not find myself in either of those shoes .

I am not sure if anyone has the right to be powerful. Every discussion that i could think of will result in someone coming out as villain or vcitim because of power. As @Fast-Nop pointed out in my previous post, having the ability to get what we want is not always highly impactful (Sorry for pointing you out, Fast-Nop). For eg, a sick rich family could get their loved ones treated faster through backdoors and other sources using money. but again, others got their life served through fate while the rich secured their life through money(welp, 2Large is suddenly the villain. Again, don't wanna go into that debate. I am just looking for a meaning of life)

I do not desire the luxuries (level 4). I *demand* for the basic necessities and health and safety. I wish to live in a world where i do not think of securing my future. Am I born in the wrong century or do i need to get a better mindset?

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    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
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    @Root damnit, beat me to it (by 3 hours but whatever)
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    Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down
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    @SortOfTested "TORSO: Should be thick and impenetrable" 😂
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    @SortOfTested tf is this, looks like something that 9yo would draw
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    @F1973 doesn’t work at all, my situation scattered around that table, sometimes inside poverty, sometimes in middle class but mostly in wealthy but also there are rows where it’s somehow both middle and wealthy, there are rows where it’s both poverty and wealthy, but I can’t call myself wealthy
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    @F1973 I know and I treat every such scheme like that but this particular table seems completely arbitrary
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    @F1973 I mean look:

    Poverty can control what they say
    Middle can control what they do
    Wealthy can control what they think

    What I wrote is completely arbitrary bullshit but at certain angle I can present it as an “unwritten rule”

    Conclusion: we have discovered biases called “mind reading” and “confirmation bias” and we also try to divide everything into groups. In reality we are so different that there can be no universal guideline of any kind.
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    poverty is when you have 1 dollar
    middle is when you have 1 million dollars
    wealthy is when you have 1 billion dollars
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    @uyouthe i guess one might be rich arter a million dollars, but to be powertful and continue remaining in power, the billion dollar cap is also not sufficient
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    @2Large it was a joke
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    @F1973 cool graph. Not completely true for all scenarios, but definitely could give a direction on changing mindsets. Also quite saddening to see how the thoughts and thinking translates to more materialistic and robotic nature once the person goes from poor to middle to rich
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    @uyouthe. Oh then it went straight over my head 😅. a lot of people would still agree and relate with those bars tho
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    @2Large for me there is no need to care about those people who voluntarily choose to standardize themselves
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    What's the Russian equivalent to parks and rec? 😘
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    @SortOfTested Внутри Лапенко
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    That is some legit Eddit Murphy/Jim Varney shit right there. *world view expansifies*

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