Why is there so much code online, seemingly written by people who know what they are doing, but there are like 20 files all containing the license that takes up 50 lines and the 51st like is just a one line interface declaration who does this shit

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    license is weird, but i understand, if you want to describe the function and possible use cases in a comment block before it's declaration. This is usually done in combination of tools such as doxygen and the like.
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    @thebiochemic why use a single file for a single line of declaration
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    @frogstair i mean why not. If you have your project order, and there is a directory with interfaces, you want to keep 'em separate. Where else would you put a single interface declaration, such that it is still maintainable from one location? Into a file, where small interfaces are aggregated? If your project is large enough, that can be annoying to find that declaration again.

    Its about principles and keeping law and order in your project.
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