I hate it when I try to login to Gmail and I already chose "English" only for it to display the next page in my native language. It's always in the deepest fucking translation that most native speakers wouldn't even understand and also, I already said display that shit in English. It happens every fucking time. Do I have to physically choke you and spit on your face, you irradiated Chernobyl piece of shitmeat?

When my human was walking outside, the beggars flashed a cardboard to his face and he said he doesn't understand the language. The beggar flipped the cardboard around and that one was in English. Every time we'd go out, the beggars would speak English. Some epic learning shit right there that not even Google can do.

Jesus fucking Christ, all you had to do was listen. Fuck you.

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    Try configuring language via Google Accounts and also make sure your browser language is aligned.
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    @F1973 This is before I'm logged in. The browser is also set to English.
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    We have those issues with our japan crew. A few of them aren't super comfortable in english, so we cooked them up a localization setting for launching browsers when they need to interface with it. Problem is they don't always use it so I end up having to pull out my paper dictionary for some of the kanji, bc of course half the shit in screenshots has no furigana.
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    @rutee07 What's your machine language?

    Also, which page exactly are you facing this issue?

    I can help you debug and fix if you can give me steps for RCA
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    It’s because of navigator.language, navigator.languages <- array first language is your native language


    move language lower and add english as first
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    I have the same exact problem with German and private tabs. Although, I'm good enough at it to manage my way around, still annoying. And the computer is natively English so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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