Is it fair to monetise content generated by community?

So there was this amazing learning platform where community came together to share knowledge and help each other.

Now this platform was owned by a retard (sole owner) and it had decent traffic/content generation.

Basically a interview and job cracking platforms like geeks4geeks.

I stopped visiting it but now when I went back there, I saw that nearly 80% of content is behind a paywall.

Not only I was pissed for unable to access community content but found it to be a dick move by first asking folks to build the entire product for free by providing content and then charging users who want to access it.

I am trying to look for similar examples whether anyone else has done it or not.

Is this even ethical, let alone legal?

I understand dude has server costs and maintenance expenses but you cannot just have a hard wall blocking the content.

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    He's just doing what the news corps do, they get away with it.
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    @C0D4 Ah!! news media. How can I miss those journalists.
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    Ancestry is another example. You can upload all the content you want to be searchable by everyone else, but only if they're a paid user.

    The moment you stop paying, you can't even access your own content, but everyone else who pays can continue to do so.
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    @AlmondSauce What the fuck that is and why would anyone even use a website like it?
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    @F1973 Because it unfortunately kinda has a monopoly on most of the old census and marriage records. Family history research is a bitch.
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    @AlmondSauce Ah! a niche market.
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