It just amazes me how people and devs especially can easily switch jobs and find a better & higher paying one.

It's not the same for my field. Being into Product Management has its own pros but more cons.

The success rate is just 5% that too via branded educational institution or referrals.

Yet that's the easiest route in and people are going that way.

I mean what the fuck!!

Forget about switching from B2B to B2C, going to a branded company or any taking any bigger leaps in career.

Zillions of rejections and yet when you achieve some bare minimum success you fear to share it with people for they are jealous about it.

Why the fuck shall I even exist?

What a fucked up society we live in.

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    Job hopping for more pay is pretty rare in most fields. For whatever reasons in some areas it's way more of a thing.
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    @N00bPancakes for pay is one of those 1000s reasons.

    But pay growth is one of the benefits that comes with switching a job.
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    Lol try being a waiter.
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    @ostream I am sorry, I don't understand.

    Can you elaborate?
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    @F1973 I mean it's a fucked up system, I agree, but there are a LOT of people who are WAY more fucked than products managers...
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    @ostream true. I am grateful.

    But I am not comparing apples to oranges.

    I am comparing apples to apples.
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    @ostream I'm not sure that it was what you meant, but just in case I'll say it: just because others have it worse, doesn't mean you can't complain

    On the topic at hand, I think it's important to keep in mind that it's a relative minority that does that in certain conditions (countries, level, etc.).
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    @Jilano you explained it better.

    And does what? Job switching for pay?
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    My 2 cents into this: get into the education field. And no, I do not mean as an instructor or something like that man. I mean as a product manager.

    Most people rarely look into educational institutions, but they are always looking into hiring people, no, not because the work is horrible and everyone leaves at any given time, but because in most institutions (believe it or not) the environment is so chill that they just post the position, don't get hits, or don't get enough good hits and no one gives a fuck at the end of the day and the position is ignored.

    If anything developers will be happy to have such items being managed for them because I can guarantee most of us mfkers really would like to have someone dealing with such items :P

    It is development and your field is in development yes, but nothing states that you have to work for a development ONLY company.

    I would actually cut my wee wee if i worked in a deV oNlY place.....

    cuz I hate devs
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    @F1973 it might very well be a status only thing. The more you put in your resumee the easier it is for you to jump, references count for a lot. Having a manager in your reference pool i good, but having a CTO and a VP in it plays a bigger field.

    Here in the U.S with all that accounted for it is a very easy thing to use in terms of leverage. But I do believe in way more factors: networking, likability (personality traits and what not) etc etc
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    @AleCx04 Get into Ed-tech or Product Management education field where teach PMs?
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    @AleCx04 So what I did yesterday was asked random LinkedIn folks for referrals and fell head first.

    I do have good weight on my resume. But current VP cannot pitch for me as why would he allow me to quit. If he does, boy I can get some kickass market footage as coming from a top brand it would be terrific.

    Or if you mean VP of place where I am going does it then it's a different game.

    I believe my social skills are decent as those are one of the PM core traits. And I am constantly up-ing my game.

    I am trying to network more but some blunt responses I got yesterday were 'I don't refer anyone with whom I haven't worked with'.

    I understand their concern as they have an image to maintain. But c'mon, don't be a dick at rejecting the blunt way.
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    @F1973 that's what I'm talking about, gratitude is super important not to be centered on one's problem too much :)

    I hope you'll get something more suitable to your needs though. If it's any consolation, even as a dev I'm not running after the money - I'd switch a high-paying job to an interesting one any time of the day.
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    @ostream I m being grateful. It's just that I am complaining about the fucked up corporate industry at large.
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    Yeah sorry. If I ever need a project to be managed I'll let you know
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    @ostream Sure man.

    I am more into Product Management than Project but can do it for friends, pro bono :)
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