Seriously, almost nothing. I have a monitor and a laptop. That's it. Seeing too many things out in the open stresses me out.

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    You weird. Clutter is da wae
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    Yeah, I have a photo of my daughter and that's it.

    Sometimes the wife comes out with something like "Oh I couldn't work out where to put (X) so I've just shoved it on your desk, there's plenty of space"

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    @rutee07 you missed a really good opportunity here. I think they made this wk only for you uwu
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    ^ he means you could use this space for sex toys... I don't think he knows you need the whole desk for sex anyways 😜
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    @eval I gotta admit, I was tempted then I realized there are kids here and I've traumatized them enough with my vocabulary. πŸ˜†

    @NoMad Desk? Singular? 😝
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    Isn't floor just large enough?
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    @iiii I allowed too many bodies to hit the floor so now there is no space.
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