I am coding in my car. Need to wait for my wife. That's why I am coding in my car. And it goes extremely smoothly.

Vim editor keybindings, vimium in the browser, i3 desktop manager.

Not needing to use the mouse makes this fun. I did not expect that.

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    Yep, not having to raise your hand and move it back and forth is quite satisfying once you get used to it
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    I really need to get my workflow to involve less mouse so I can do that.
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    For what do you need vim editor keybindings ?
    In my editor, those are the defaults.
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    @dder Because intellij is more powerful than vim. Further, setup time. I am not being paid to research modules or even write them. I recently had an assert equals and intellij told me I switched the actual and expected fields.

    And you know what, it was right!
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    @TheCommoner282 is that intellij itself or is it the underlaying language server ?
    If it’s the latter, than coc + that LS should work and give the same warnings.

    At least that works for typescript well.
    Not trying to convince anything here, just saying.
    I think the i3-keybind-plugins for eclipse and vsc sucked. So instead, I configured my vim with the most important feature I need.
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    @TheCommoner282 also, so far I’m also still using intellij for my backend stuff, because of feature and my lack of pure jvm configurations... for that intellij works very well so far.
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    @dder It was more of an example. I am sure I can add some of the features to vim. But surely not all of them. And adding those to vim would take too much time to essentially just say I rebuilt intellij functionality.

    That's more of a vanity project than anything else. Not that I am not intrigued, just my employer won't pay me for that and in my spare time I have a long list of projects already.

    Never used heard of coc, though. Always used you complete me for vim. Need to check that out.
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