One of the iconic events in devRant's history.

First of all, I apologise on behalf of what our Mr Security champ did to your mental health.

Not all from my country are same and some of us are better.

Next, new life is to make friends sensibly and not like Mr Security champ.

What a day. What a fucking day it was.

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    What did I miss?
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    @lastNick still on a bit..


    Might crash your phone. 450+ comments and counting.
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    Why call more attention to it. Let it go.
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    @RememberMe I felt a need to apologise to devRant on behalf of the damage that happened.

    It's still out there and folks are trying to bring it under control.
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    I didn't know this transpired, wtf, thanks for all the summaries inbetween
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    @2Large did you even go through it for what happened?

    Read each and every fucking comment. Don't miss one.

    That thread is a history.
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    @F1973 I loved the entire thread, can't believe this happened a few hours ago
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    @alexbrooklyn historic right?

    Dude still is being harsh.
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    I saw a dumb rant that started a lil flame and just ignored but now suddenly there's creep-shit and nude leaks??

    Dear lord what's going on in that thread, I don't know if I can last 450 comments.
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    @sudo-woodo you have to try, it's worth it
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    Hours well spent lol
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    Also, @MySlugLikesSalt is the hero this kid needed but didn't deserve. Cheers to you man, It warms my heart to see people can be this nice even to ignorant people
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    @F1973 I didnt find the original post in my feed, only this one. I already regretted that i clicked the link, but i cant stop reading the comments now :(
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    @F1973 Its 5 AM for me right now. I started to read the thread around my first comment and i have just reached the end.
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    @Frederick hahahahahahahahah 2 fucking hours.

    That thread surely goes down in history.
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    @F1973 @alexbrooklyn So I gave it a look last night and dear lord what a wild fucking ride. The repos+clones were down but the sitemap was still up when I checked it so I wrote a scraper for shits and giggles and I'm like 90% sure some of the stuff I got was supposed to be private, dear god how do you fuck up so hard? A github repo is not a fucking cloud storage provider, jesus.
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    Christ almighty. I mean that guy is clearly an idiot but some of you were pretty fucking horrible to him.
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    Can't believe dfox personally had to come in to end that thread, damn.
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    Wow, holyshit.

    Here I thought I was the biggest troll on devrant.

    What a massive bait post that was, if ever I saw one.

    I'll never surpass this guy. Hes like the king of shitposters.
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    wtf did I just read. And I just checked his github and see he's got the arctic code contributor badge. There's a *slight* chance that his smut videos are preserved deep under some ice.
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    @tarstrong I know for a fact that some of mine are. But im not about to link that github account because then they'd remove it.

    mostly pics of my ass because I like the idea of costing microsoft money to host something useless and profane.

    encoded in least signficant bits of course.
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    @sudo-woodo I doubt he would have if he wasn't mentioned.
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    I haven't read the whole thread but damn, he's a doxxer who has a really flawed knowledge about Information Security and Data Protection.
    I hope when he grows up he'll know how criminal his actions were.
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