Devs can you point me to the topics that i should know in web dev? Kind of being hovering across a lot of different stuff, but don't know the actual path to follow . I kind of wish to become a full stack dev( not just the web) / Systems engineer someday and i am hoping to get a job asap

About me :

- oop/strong typing language guy. Knows enough java/kotlin/android dev to make decent Android apps, with confidence to apply on Android dev jobs

- knows enough python3 to understand its classes/functions. (But not more)

- knows some html css and client side js to make static websites, though my knowledge in this domain is not sequential but rather learning whatever i found interesting, so don't really get confidence to apply on a web dev job when i see an opening

- knows very basics of backend development in flask/php. Although worked with SAAS solutions liked firebase/aws

- knows some basics of data analysis

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    That's kinda the core, after that there are so many topics in web development that are neat but you may never see or use...

    I'd take a look at getting that core down, then learn some git, pick a framework like React or Angular and make something with those.
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    these days "webdev" is so generic that it means nothing.

    @N00bPancakes 👀this.

    Learn the basics, vanilla JS, CSS3, HTML and then move into either react/angular/vue/svelte for the JS framework.

    Pickup on Accessibility and UX and you'll be able to drive the conversation in a professional manner.

    Then just build things and experiment.

    Backend wise... you can use python, java, c#, php, nodeJs, or a number of other languages.

    It really comes down to what you see as "webdev" and what you want to build as to where we can really point you.
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    Sprinkle a little bit of sql knowledge to what the guys have already mentioned.
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    @Benutzername I spend all day in SQL and yet I always forget to mention it ...
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    > oop/strong typing language guy

    Pivot. One of the most important skills as a developer is a flexible skill set because the industry changes so much, so try learning Elixir or F# or JavaScript, write something meaningful in it, and learn it fully. Understand the ideas behind the creation, and get used to switching paradigms.
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    Also learn CSS really well if you want to do frontend. It's complicated and messy and very useful. You can replace lots of JavaScript gadgets with CSS to improve your skills, e.g. a sliding gallery, drop-down menu, etc. (Not that that's necessarily the right choice, but it will improve your problem solving skills in CSS and teach you some of the more obscure corners
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