Apple in 2020 sucks.
Change my mind.

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    No, 2020 sucks.
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    @PonySlaystation It's okay, guys. Both do.
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    Not again, please.

    We had enough of this shit yesterday.
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    No more.
    Please, no more.
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    You're late 😛
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    Tell us something new
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    Yesterday's discussion wasn't about Apple being shit, It was about Apple being Hyped.
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    @F1973 Fuck that's a long thread. Sad I missed it
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    @ScriptCoded Dumbness is still active. Feel free to participate. lol
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    Koi mujhe mar do jan se :/

    Can't tolerate another stroke..
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    Why is it a 'thing' to ask for one's views to be changed?

    No offense, OP, I think I understand you're goal with the post; inspire debate or some vaguely tribal conflict. No judgement from me, do yo thang.

    However, whenever I see that meme of the guy in the park with the "X is Y, change my mind" sign, the first thing I think is "if I can change you're mind on some subjective topic, then what value is there in it?" Or is it that the requester is so convinced they are right that they are actively seeking challengers?

    Also, I think, change you're own damn mind. I'm managing my personal conscious state and it takes a lot of energy; the least you can do is take care of your shit. When did it become my job to sort out your insecurities?

    I have an android phone, apple mbp, and I occasionally log in to a debian server. And you know what, I could care less.
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    @letanque Your name made me think of a French tank"

    "Monsieur Le Tanque? Oui oui oui"

    PS: I agree with your point
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    You misspelled '2016-*'
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    Expected some of the commenters from that other thread to be here as well, and I can feel your pain.
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    Iphone se is cool tho
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