Fuck those customers...
Wednesday: Sprint Planning
Customer: We want those two datepickers in the job application form to be text fields instead
Me: Okay, this will take some time bc I have to change the data structure too.
Customer: Okay do that. this is urgent
Thursday: implemented and merged
Monday: QS approved it
Yesterday (Tuesday) in the morning:
Customer (via Slack as a PN): Hey! Why are those fields no datepickers anymore? We want to show that to our boss this Friday! And why do we have this small icon on the right side of the field (Chromes autocompletion)
Me (to PM): Could you please tell them to think before creating tickets or writing some shit?

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    Over the years I've come to realize that part of my job is to make customers put in a bit of work for stuff like this. I've grown a superhero tier sense for when the order is basically "make this different", and without any specs you make some proposals which they aren't interested in because "idk man you figure it out", which always leads to "not like that tho" - either from people who weren't involved in the process or the very person who wanted the change. Usually the latter.

    I'm trying to think of exceptions and if I'd need an "almost always", but I can't think of any.
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    Reminded me...

    One day: oh we need this shit implemented asap!

    *shit was implemented*

    Week later: we've dropped the requirement for that. We don't need this thing.

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