Was delaying getting a 2080ti cause you know, nvidia would release a new one and 2080s will then get cheaper and so on, same drill like always.

But holy shit, this deal is flipped on its head this time.

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    I'm so excited about the newest line up too, I want a 3070 but... will cautiously wait for third party reviews before making a decision
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    Yeah, I'm impressed (as in I didn't think they would price it like this), but still wary about the real benchmarks.
    I'm also a tad disappointed with the little amount of memory they out on those models.

    Edit: I'm excited to see what AMD will offer on the high-end market
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    @JhonDoe Yep, must not buy without real benchmarks.

    @Jilano Absolutely! Nvidia just made the competition more exciting especially now that it actively competes with gaming consoles. If AMD can now fill in those gaps, it would be the icing on a cake and a lot of regret for buying an nvidia then :P
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    @Jilano AMD will fail to match Nvidia, as usually, and even then guzzle through 50% more energy, and top it off with buggy drivers. Then wonder why people don't buy like crazy.
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    @Fast-Nop Eh, I can see why you would think that, but seeing their last CPUs, I'm still hopeful (even though I don't plan on buying a new GPU)

    @sudocode Yup! Do we have any date yet, by the way?
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    @Jilano AMD's CPUs have been good for quite a while now. However their last shot at the top was the Radeon VII which they cancelled after just half a year in the market, and that failure was as recent as last year.

    Honestly, AMD is now in terms of graphics where they used to be in terms of CPUs for a looong time. Nothing to offer in the top range, technologically behind, but good enough in the low to mid range, and sold via price discount.

    On the upside, they are so far behind the competition that they don't even need to overly protect their business secrets, which is why they can open source their drivers under Linux.
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    @Fast-Nop Fair enough! They did "win" the console game, though (despite them not making lots of money on that).

    Regarding the top GPU, it's always been for show. But it's important to keep in mind that most people play on low to mid range kind of cards.

    We shall see!
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    @Jilano I would have bought a mid range AMD card if there had been a passively cooled one, but that wouldn't make sense because AMD is also behind on energy efficiency. Means, within a given TDP envelope, Nvidia would wipe the floor with a competing AMD card.
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    @Fast-Nop Definitely! That's one of my grip with the new NVIDIA cards. They draw something like 50% more power than the last generation.

    If AMD can be as energy efficient on their GPU than they are on the 4000 series, it's going to be great, especially for us consumers.
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    I was even tempted to replace my rtx with a 5700xt but when I started seeing reports about faulty drivers and whatnot, and when Nvidia launched rtx voice, it was a hard pass. From that time I became a team green fanboy. Until amd get its shit together at the drivers department and offers me something like rtx voice, I'll be on this side.

    I'm thrilled about rtx broadcast, to ditch out xsplit vcam, is good but if rtx boadcast is free, well then...
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    @JhonDoe The voice thing seems promising, but it's using up too much resources as of now.
    Quick question, why are you still on Xsplit Vs OBS? Anything that stops you from switching over?
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    @Jilano yup, rtx voice is a game changer for me, and also yes, it's still a little resource hungry with the current lineup of rtx. I hope that gets better with ampere. I use rtx voice for my work meetings, so I don't suffer for game performance as I immediately close that before gaming.

    As for obs and xsplit... I just use vcam(I bought a license for all the products tough), for camera background removal without a green screen(for work meetings too) and without any additional trick. As for obs afaik, you need a green screen or some tweaks using masks(and this wouldn't work if you move). If you know an easier way with obs I could try it
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    @JhonDoe I've never really looked into it, but I found this: https://www.xsplit.com/partners/obs

    So I'd be surprised if it didn't work
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    @Jilano oh that one... is a plugin that lets you put vcam in obs, but you still need vcam for background removal and pay for it if you don't want to see horrible watermarks everywhere. I'm hoping rtx broadcast is free, that way I could stop paying for xsplit vcam 😅
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