Ok so weird interview process with this company . tell me if I interpreted it wrong:

*Interviewer(itr)* : "We are a startup with fortune-500 clients"
>>>Decipher : We have already struggling startups as clients<<<

itr : Once we pick up the funding then it will be great for everyone of us.
>>>Decipher : We don't have money<<<

itr : We already have a completed app with our custom video player. We are looking for a way to migrate to this new video player that would let us to monetize our videos and generate revenue , once we reach a million users. currently we have...lesser users
>>>Decipher :
1. We have an app with less than 10K users.
2. We don't know jack shit about video players, or integrating ads with video player, otherwise our we would have done so in our custom player.
3. We probably don't even know how our custom player works, we just bought the code from ebay
4. We want YOU, a fresher to read everything on internet , do magic and make us money.

itr: We have senior developers, but they are architects, they won't be helping you with code . You will need to research and debug by yourself.
>>>decipher: Do not expect any knowledge from us. do your magic and make us cash. We can provide you with a great amount of pressure to do stuff tho<<<

Ite: So how is the management of work in your current company?
Me: Actually its very flexible . My current company has been very considerate of the covid situation, and i get ample amount of time to work on something. We don't have to add logs anywhere . i can push my updates in the night or day, and company would know. They just needs the work to be done. But i still try to maintain the usual office hours.

itr: Yeah we also try to maintain office hours in the lockdown too. we use time tracking software's, which will easily let the managers know when you are on the keyboard. Everybody loves this discipline
1. We do not care about the covid and mental stress. We will be keeping an eye on you for 9 hours straight, and would want you to give the same 10-7 that we exploit during the office days

itr : So how much are you getting from your current internship?
me: $xxx
itr : Ok so moving on
>>>Decipher: Yeah that shit is too large. we won't be dicussing the number we can offer or allowing you to negotiate, we will be straight up TELLING you the salary value which you got assigned

itr : So how much is the notice period of your current internship?
me : 7 days (lie, just to see where it goes)
itr : oh ok. We are actually in need to launch the product asap. So we cannot delay. Can you ask your company to relieve you earlier
me : Umm.. that would be difficult. I mean if i add the letter now, that would take 7 days. In fact its already very less, usually the notice period is of 15-30 days
itr: no , the US companies usually have a notice period of 7 days, and if you ask, they can relieve you in 2-3 days
1. the guy has no knowledge of US companies
2. The guy is in a hurry to get his work done asap . would probably exploit and fire the moment the work is done

If there's any recruiter or senior dev here who takes interviews, please don't take my interpretations personally. I am just relating those sentences to what i heard in january, when i got hired in the company that broke me hard.
But please let me know if any of these does sound okay to u, coz every single point here rang a red siren in my brain

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    This made me laugh, great for /r/recruitinghell
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    Oh shi...
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    You should really have just euthanized him on the spot. The thought of that human teaching his values to children...
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    @F1973 thanks. Then i bet he doesn't know them either or was trying to make me fool coz the names he took were startups (as per crunchbase)
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    @SortOfTested these people's tactics won't be known to their family.
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    I have no reason to, so no. The difference here is the person who holds the power is doing the bullshitting.
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    @2Large I think you're read was spot on, except for maybe the fortune 500 as startups part, as previously mentioned.

    Question: all senior engineers are architects, or all architects are seniors, or can they be divergent paths?

    Follow on question: is it true that architects are roughly paid in correlation with the length of their beards?
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    @letanque i have an architect which has no beard in my company, so probably not
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    @iiii disappointing.

    I can feel the lore of architect weakening in my mind already
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    I would laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh right out the door.

    If he asked why I was being so rude and unprofessional, I’d tell it straight: “Your shit is toxic AF 😂 I’m out.”
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    And yet somehow my mom thinks i need to get out of the home and start working in companies like this, to get "a knowledge of how the industry works" (i guess its her definition of 'exposure' ) and "i am just being afraid because i got bad experience in one company, not all the companies are same"
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    @2Large It’s true! Not all companies require the same. Some screw you over nicely, some aggressively rape you and leave you bleeding in the ditch, and some, I imagine, are decent.
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