I work with stones. Mindless stones where the general rule is, loudest voice wins.

What a fucked up day and still 30% is left.

We have been discussing some product features for a new business vertical and literally everyone is involved since day 1.

And we have been going around in circles and round and round and round with absolutely no conclusion for more than a month.

What in the fucking hell!! These guys have some top notch experience and everyone is atleast 25+ years into the domain and field. And fuckers are not only struggling with basic stuff but also being a dick to each other.

I explain them simple stuff and they find it bullshit because it doesn't align with their outdated way.

God damn shit! These stones lack the basic human capability to listen.

And then my friend messages me saying he just quit. Good guy but absolutely zero sense of what he has been doing for past so many years. Yes, I need to stop comparing myself and my situation to others but there has to be some baseline.

I am in shock how dumb people are able to successfully move in their life and career without any friction. I am not calling myself smart but by now I am pretty convinced that retards are valued more everywhere and there are people who just think and function on surface level to hire these folks.

And in the other call, I am trying to explain them a pretty simple functionality I am implementing and folks are diverting to other stuff. Fuck you! Just fucking listen and try to understand what I am explaining you. Fuck your approaches or don't give me the task to do it mysef.

And then this other retard calls saying he wanted to discuss bunch of stuff. And he fucking repeats everything I told him 2 weeks ago. Brainless monkey!!! What did you do for 2 fucking weeks and come back with the same idea?

No, they are not bad people. All of them are good folks. They just lack the basic understanding and refuse to listen or understand.

Dealing with mindless stones and becoming one is a norm. Only then you will be valued. Else you are better off dead.

By now I have realised this world is functioning in a very very wrong way. WE ARE THE VIRUS.

How can one not understand a simple English statement?

What a shitty day.. I am irritated as fuck because I am done dealing with idiots.

I cannot take this shit anymore. I am done. I just want to give up and quit.

No, I am not depressed or will commit suicide. I am just annoyed beyond anything. There is no end to mortal suffering.

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    Holy shit, you okay man? You sound like you need a few beers and a good night's sleep.

    Although I kinda feel you, It's alot harder when you get along personally with someone who you don't get along with professionaly
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    @SoldierOfCode Yeah man I am fine. Thanks.

    Been going through this shit for sometime now so kinda numb. Venting it here helps.
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    "You hired me because you can't do it on your own. Either let me do my work or stop wasting my time! Yes? Thank you very much. From now on we do things this way. It will save you money and time."
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    @heyheni I wish I could say that :/
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    I worked somewhere similar. The project team spent 3 months discussing a new technology they wanted to bring in, didn’t even know what they planned on using it for. Even after hours and hours of meetings about it. Project still took 6 months before they binned it.
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    @UnicornPoo Because people believe in either shouting or when the common boss is present they believe in brown nosing.
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    @F1973 they used lots of big business words though. Spoke a lot and said fuck all!!
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    Ah, this pic you posted wasn’t art, it was the actual photo of your colleagues
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    @UnicornPoo Those are some hollow words being spoken here to. I am part of those business teams.
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    @uyouthe lol yes.
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    It's the one thing I have most trouble understanding: the inability of some people to FUCKING LISTEN. It's the fucking simplest nobrainer skill in the world after fucking breathing: just shut you mouth and have your ears open. Nothing gorram challenging about it! Or well, apparently is...
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    @100110111 2 skills.

    Listening and understanding.

    I might be wrong. Fucking listen and try to understand to you can prove me wrong in a better way.
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    @F1973 understanding may not be that simple, tho 🤔
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    @100110111 But then why are these bozos getting paid?

    A monkey has a better listening abilities.
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    They must like to drag it to make it look complex? Or they just don't want or hesitate to be tagged as the decision maker in case something goes wrong later on?

    If it will affect your performance or sanity then just screw them and do what you need to do. If they kick your for doing what need to done to make things work or do the job then it's their loss.
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    @iamai The meeting is dragged as I type this. No one cares for decision making here because it is totally nonsense.

    And just for the records it is 21.30 here already and we have been on calls for nearly 12 hours.
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    @F1973 wish I knew what was the secret of doofi to get hired.. that said, the Apple security champ is probably going to get a C-level job seeing how idiots always seem to get hired...

    Anywho, strength mate!
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    @100110111 yes and that upsets me. Dumbfucks ruling because the other dumbfucks hire them.

    Thanks mate. Much needed strength.
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    @F1973 if everyone else doesn't care and it won't affect your paycheck, just stop caring as well. Sometimes it's just not worth getting stressed over. It being, the idiots who won't decide even if it's their job.
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    @iamai I am not stressed, I am annoyed and stuck in this situation where I cannot continue because I don't have enough strength left.
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    @F1973 do you know a good project manager you could ask for advice on how to handle this shity situation?
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    @heyheni Project Manager has very little role to play in my situation.

    Since, I am a Product Manager and most of my colleagues are too (average team experience without me is 25+ years) and we directly deal with a VP and if skip level boss cannot handle these idiots, guess a Project Manager would be squashed.

    Most Project Managers and leads report to us indirectly. Where should I find help.

    And our boss is a great guy but never gets involved in work. All we seek from his is occasional approvals.

    Thanks for your concern bro. The only way out is a new job and I am trying it madly.
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    damn man, good luck. I have always felt that its not the work that is troublesome, but the people involved in it
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