Is Ruby dying? Its popularity is declining slowly and seems to be being overtaken by Python and JavaScript?

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    Looks like it, maybe Roby On Rails will save it, but most likely it will not be as used
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    A while ago Ruby 3 come out. I guess it is not dying.
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    It will most likely live on like so many other languages.

    But I think it has lost momentum.
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    Was Ruby very popular at any time of its existence though? I'm really not sure about that. It was a hipster language always.
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    Yeah, it's pretty much dead for new projects. It was *really* popular for a while, and existing projects will still live on - but not worth learning for something new.

    The real appeal was being able to quickly write "beautiful" code at a time most other popular languages had kinda stagnated, and were plagued with very clunky syntax and configuration.

    But those major languages have now pretty much entirely caught up syntax and toolchain wise, so there's not really the incentive there used to be.
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    Zig/nim soon to take over
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    @iiii not sure if it really was popular but I do remember a big hype about 18 years ago.

    In my opinion, the problem is that any benefit is not so much the ruby language as it was rails scaffolding and database integration to fast create a working prototype.

    But much of that (not all) was copied by other platforms with a wider user group and then there was less reason to switch.

    And ruby as language was different enough for beginners to have difficulties knowing how to fo things.

    You watched a tutorial but if you needed to do something a bit differently it was not so easy.

    Also, the default setup at the time I tested it had a serious security problem as it set up the database to be wide open :\
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    @Voxera oh, 18 ago is a lot of time.i doubt I even remember anything from that time, so you are probably more right.
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