I like my company.
So it makes writing a resignation e-mail all the more painful.

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    Why are you resigning?
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    If you like it so much why you dipping out?
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    @neeno @Stuxnet
    For financial reasons man.
    It sucks !
    Being an adult sucks !
    I have no option but to sell my soul and go work for someone who's waving more money at me.
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    Have you tried asking your company for more?
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    @Jilano Yes. Unfortunately the gap is just too much.
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    @-red Well, at least you did everything you could. Good luck!
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    @Jilano Felt like doing this.
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    I feel this.
    And I regret it a little every single day.

    I left the best job I have ever had for this one because it offered 41% (!) more, and the ability to work remotely, and therefore move.

    The job is mediocre, though. My work isn’t appreciated, I don’t have friends, and I don’t enjoy the work, or want to go out of my way on any of it.

    I miss my previous job. A lot.
    I even miss the people.

    But, I would probably do it again.
    Except I’d probably break down in tears this time. 😭
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    @-red Why thank you! I shall treasure it ;)

    @Root I can imagine... Such an increase can't be ignore for most people. It sucks :/
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    I maybe know what you’re going through because I did that before and actually it was because my friend pushed me to do it
    now I have more money but at root said I’m also not happy and still I would do it again
    But you know what I would prefer a job that would pay me well because money can buy you happiness sometimes if you have enough of it
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    I wish you well and I hope you already found a job before resigning
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    As someone that has left a lot of places over money I feel you. No man ever steps in the same river twice. Look forward in hope and backward with grief but know the feelings will pass.
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