Today i have made a decision that's solely on my (and maybe my parent's) thinking and i feel somewhat right and super wrong at the same time. I have hurt the person who helped me the most and i feel like a total traitor. It was a situation that made me think about decisions that i will be taking currently and in future and where do they lie on the scale of black and white (no racism intended)

Tldr : left a cannabis selling company where i was being treated like a king , learning a lot of stuff both technical and life lessons and gaining a decent salary. Hurt my bestie friend ( vritual cto of that company) who was responsible for this amazing yet wrong opportunity.


13 months ago :
me : a college undergrad enjoying the college life, learning android , earning nothing , had no thoughts of future
Friend(F) : a college student rarely attending college, super focused and clear on his future , extremely good webdev/blockchain guy, winning hackathons and gaining network.

2 months later..
College gets over, F is currently advancing in tech and gets into a fast paced blockchain startup, earning very nice salary . me is also advancing by joining into a decent paying ad providers company.

2 months later...
me left the job, went back to studying for exams. F continues with the internship, later getting contacted by a particular client for his personal businesses.

Jan-feb 2020
Me joins a social media startup. Vile environment,lots of pressure and bad behaviors. Got a terrible burnout and didn't wanted to touch laptop or a job ever again. Ran like my ass is on fire the moment i got my half salary, leaving away the other half.
F leaves his blockchain startup and working with that client , say C. F,C and few others built up a decent scaled cannabis selling e commerce with profitable business model , quickly makes a profit of $240k in a month. My friend is not an official partner or has a rank but is getting a great salary/bonus and trips to US/ other places.

Friend : keeps working with the cannabis e-commerce, treating it like his personal hobby project. Adding new features, scaling more, adding new clients. Meanwhile also lands into a full time job with another company ( one of the top tech startups ). Handling both companies very casually and comfortably, dealing in big 5 digits (INR) every month (usually the senior devs of our area get that much, and he's yet to even graduate)
Me : very slowly coming out from the burnout, without any confidence to apply again. Trying out numerous technologies, failing to master one. Meanwhile family's financial system Struggling, an indirect pressure to " go out and earn" starts.

Friend offers a decent opp : work in his cannabis company for easy to pickup tasks, get decent salary. Me accepts

The environment that i got there is so calm and relaxed that i was not opening my laptop for weeks and they don't gave even a fuck. They gave ample amount of time to work, let me both learn and explore stuff.
Even if i delayed the task or gave unsatisfactory results, nobody would say anything because they knew whose friend i was. And when somebody did,he would either jump in between and prevent them from being exploitive towards me . Or he would simply stay quite and later we would discuss what wentt wrong and what to do in that situation . I was growing tremendously , both skillwise and as a person , with having a stable income.

Today. After a particular meeting , i was casually talking with my mom and mentioned the cannabis related company. She freaked out about it. I shushed her bit then i went onto thinking and realized the wrong in it and resigned.

Friend was super hurt and angry, not because it was a stupid decision but he also didn't agreed with the reasoning and my newfound mentality. He knew the risk he took by letting me join but he's bothered that i didn't thought of this stuff before.
I too feel like a traitor , but i stand firm on my thoughts now.
To that company , they are an e commerce startup legally selling a product that is 80% used for medical and 20% recreational purposes (even though the semi nude images bikini girls and tattooed rappers puffing vapes on their site portrays another meaning) (shade of white)

To me they are a cigarette making company killing youth by providing an easy platform and i am getting blood money (shade of black)

To my friend i am a fucking hypocrite for accepting job from anyone because everyone is doing something wrong and i misused him. According to him i should also not be applying to a medicine startup that am currently in touch with, coz those are also legal drugs that could he used for recreational purposes (shade of idk , fucking red ass)

I am just sad. God help me in this tech world, i need to do something with my fucked up brain.

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    @F1973 cannabis rolls i guess.
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    Cannabiz is unstable and is kind of a resume wildcard. If you gave your friend notice and bowed out for legit reasons, he shouldn't have an issue. If he blows up and demands things of you, that's emotional blackmail.

    Personal note as a cannabisseur:
    If he thinks he needs sexist advertising to sell cannabis, he's an idiot. Women make up 40% of the smokeable market, and at least half the edible market. If I see that shit, I walk the other direction pointedly, it screams out of touch and not legit. Even high times doesn't do that anymore. Alienating your users is a terrible budness model.
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    @SortOfTested i have told that i am willing to serve a notice period if required. I have also said that i won't mind working on a product tht is not advertising itself as "recreational form of cannabis".

    Ceo's wife is doing some work for the balck lives matter campaign but its an ngo funded by him only. But if they sell some merchandise through her website or pay my salary via those funds, i might comply...or not.... Again while even writing this message i am conflicted.
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