I know there's no solution to this that wouldn't cause more problems because all humans seem to do is exploit whatever they can get their hands on but I hate how through technology, anyone can create entirely new identities to stalk and harass others. From the shit maggots and incels who vomit dumb shit or act aggressive online to the disturbing, obssessive, should-have-been-removed-from-the-gene-pool cowards who stalk you for years, you can't seem to do anything to defend yourself other than to block whatever new accounts they create and carry the paranoia of someone other than Sunblock Mark watching you either through your own portfolio or even GitHub profile.

What life can you still have when you've avoided most types of social media and you get followed around in other sites that are supposed to help your career? There's nothing left for peace aside from being a true hermit. It's just the fact of the internet and the dark side of the lowlives. What can you do about these things? The police wouldn't care if an ex and family members have been stalking you for five years until something physical actually happens. Nevermind the fact that just getting a "hi" from these people is enough to drag you into a trail of nightmares every time you close your eyes on the next few weeks until you hear from them again. Oh, look how harmless, he's just saying "hi". Let's check the spam folder. Oh there it is, the email he sent at 3AM in the morning that he probably figured out you blocked so he created a new email that will go through with the same damn message at 9AM. I've been ignoring him for half a decade and I blocked him? Surely that is not enough to make him stop, he's such a normal person.

No, telling him to stop is not an option. I already told him that several times back in 2015 and he went on and attempted to hack every social media I had. He then went on to "visit" me in my condo and wait by the door. I slept with a knife under my pillow and got the fuck out of that city forever. Stayed the fuck away from Facebook too and still get stalked on LinkedIn and even GitHub for fuck's sake. What can I do? Report him? For what? For saying "hi" too many times? Then you get crap about others having worse problems than you as if this kind of shit isn't killing you on the inside. Let's just overwhelm the people who work on themselves and try to succeed until they remove themselves from the Earth and we're left with the disgusting fuckers who have nothing to do and nothing to contribute.

I know this sounds like a non-problem problem but it really messes with my head and every day, it pisses me off that people like this can't be stopped until they do physical harm. No one cares about the mental damage they cause. No one cares about how disturbing their behaviors are. Now the past haunts me and I keep dreaming I was still in the same shithole I used to live in, dating the same Flowcode abusive engineer, getting even my tomatoes stolen, my family fucking up every tiny glimmer of hope and happiness in me. It's so ridiculous that it's kinda funny.

A few weeks ago, I was watching "Perfect Blue" with my partner. He said I've always been calm in most situations but he's never seen me get so worked up over a movie. This is despite watching morbid true crime, war, paranormal shit, and others. This movie along with the Jessica Jones series, trigger the fucking hell out of me and I'm glad they exist as another genre of horror because they truly are terrifying.

I just hate this. I fucking hate the fact that I have to be the one to do all the work and get therapy when the ones who truly need them are freely doing pathetic shit and possibly harassing others too. Fuck you all, I hope your ding dongs dry up and no child would ever have to bear the nightmare of being around parasites like you.

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    The only solution is laws against stalking and a law enforcement that understands technology enough to see a pattern.

    You just cannot change human behavior enough or limit it technology without opening another can of worms :/

    I do nor know how laws are in your area, but in Sweden I would try to collect all interactions and then contact police to try to prove the stalking.

    It will not immediately stop it but if a judge decides on a prohibition on contact and they persist they can go to jail? Buying at least some respite.

    But it is a problem that is probably deeper. The perpetrators often suffer from some issues that would need treatment, but there is rarely resources for that.
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    Eyyyyyy! I suggest you either create a bot that'd send him emails to spam him, or that you sign him up for shady porn websites with all of his emails. Lel. You can harass him too, so do it. He deserves it at this point. He has broken the rules of no-connection/breakup, so you do that too. Be dangerous. 😜
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    Yup. Knew it was you, Rutee.

    Sorry to hear you have such issues in life. I wish you all the best.
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    @Voxera too much liberty is poisonous, huh? Who would have thought...
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    @Voxera I'm really hoping something like that would happen now that people are opening up more about mental health. I do agree with the can of worms. It's hard to find a solution that wouldn't be misused.

    @NoMad I've been tempted to be nasty and destroy that guy's humanity with my sharp tongue but I spent enough time with people like him and know that any kind of attention is an ego boost for these pathetic creatures. Sometimes I write everything I want to say in a text editor and then delete it.

    My plan is to send his email to his current girlfriend and his family but he's smart so he hasn't sent me anything messed up yet. He's a calculating and manipulative fuck. I'm just glad to know he's in his late 30's and still lives with his parents. He puts his contact number and address in the email signature like it's something to be proud of. Sick fuck would have improved his life if he didn't focus so much on harassing others.
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    @rutee07 all I'm saying, is that you can protect yourself if laws don't.
    I agree with sending shit to his fam. But also, you can misbehave. You don't have to directly face him. You can keep him busy with spams so he has no time and will eventually forget you.
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    @NoMad Or I could hire someone to fuck him in the ass. Maybe he would like it and change his mind.
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    @rutee07 an unreasonable yet available option so why not? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @shakur I thought I already addressed this in my long ass post but okay, man.
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    @shakur eh... Those are not even remotely valid arguments to shut this conversation.
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    just talk to him and be nice, and don’t mind the knife he’s gonna plant into your body, he doesn’t mean to hurt you, because he love you, from a true love.

    nah just report him
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    @rutee07 our stories are different but with a few similarities. For whatever reasons, as the other person reaching out and trying in a completely different story let me somehow say this as if I was him...I am sorry for hurting you *hug*
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    @iamai Nah, you're too kind to apologize for anything. *hugs back*
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    *internet hug*
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    What can you do about these things?

    My solution is to be even worse then them. As you said yourself: nobody cares what mental damage they cause. So cause MORE then them, TO them.

    Nobody cares anyway. Just keep it legal. So don't punch them in the face, but seduce their mom to do anal or whatever.
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    @Inxentas is doing anal with their mother bad? 🤔
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    @lnxentas Good advice. I will do that again.

    @iiii Asking the real questions. I thought it was part of the tradition, actually.
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    @iiii Depends on how open minded dad is.
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    @Inxentas from purely pragmatic standpoint, after the family got to born the amount of children they deem appropriate, their sex faithfulness isn't logical: they've already passed the genes together 🤔
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