AAAAAGH i am exhausted! I went with the stupidest decision, i am regretting every movement of it and yet moving deeper and deeper into it. Follow up for this : https://devrant.com/rants/2955584/...

There is a whole lot of rant in between that day and today, but the gists are:
1. I went through a series of stupid shit they threw at me, tried to be professional yet slacking at the same time, because he still wanted to hire me ("because of some hurry") and i was in a conflict to weather i want to get hired to this shit or not.
2. I eventually have agreed and have found somewhat of a way: (a) he's willing to give the salary amount I asked which was not very much but still a decent amount (b) he keeps making those inappropriate requests to do work then and there , but I give him my own timings and totally disconnect with him after that.

3. Those guys are the dumbest possible fucks!!! And they think they are dealing with biscuit factory labors(no offence)! I am getting the money but i believe i am burning my brain with those people.

They fucking don't even know how git works! they zip each version, then unzip and oh god what a mess! Their code base is so shitty its like some drunkard wanted to piss all over their app. And he won't give me access to code, I have to use anydesk to work on his machine, as if i want to keep that piece of crap to waste my memory space.
They are definitely not a startup, they are fucking government agency in the name of startup and i don't even know who or why is someone giving them the money. No designs, no decisions, just "take it from this app and paste it here", or, "this should be umm... i guess"... FUCKING SPEAK MAN!! Just to enable an autosuggestion on one of the toolbars, their backend guy wants me to make a getall request, and run filter functions on the client side! So just to make an autocomplete, 1 million search results would be fetched, converted to pojo, filtered and displayed on every letter stroke?WTF?is it even a correct system design?

after this internship I publicly declare myself a whore for good words and money . i need a shower

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    I will pray for you, nobody deserves this
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    I can place a bet with my side chick: All their database record is on a single table!
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    This hits close to home. You are not alone.
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    The "completed app / custom video player.... that they want you to complete" and the "senior devs are all architects / don't code".... that's just recipe for everything landing on one person from folks who don't know shit.
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    Update : i left this place in... 4 days xD .
    The guy started showing his colors and makin shitty statements regarding the only thing i cared : money . I noped the fuck out.
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    @yowhatthefuck those statements would make for a good rant ;)
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    @N00bPancakes hehe yeah it could he a nice story. Although a much better thing is going to happen witth me (after so fucking long) and i was a little emotional about that and would have rather added that . But would add a conclusion to this story too.
    Nice that i have a supportive audience <3
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    I stopped after I read "Government Agency". Good luck not committing suicide.
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