How many of you believe in Normal Distribution phenomenon?

Mapping the bell curve, I often analyse the situation, the rise and the fall.

The science behind it is solid and is applicable everywhere in universe.

I am fascinated by this concept.

That said, mapping Google's curve, it seems like Google's time has come to start their down hill journey.

They have tons of data and all the supporting tech and yet their UX is very slowly either degrading or is nearly constant.

What I really wanted in Google Chrome since ages is fulfilled by new Microsoft Edge very well.

Dynamic background pictures on landing/home page.

I really love the vibe it sets for the day when I log into mobile or web as a new picture greets me every morning.

Chrome had solid potential to implement this feature but they didn't. And same across all their other products. They have hit saturation levels and struggling for innovation.

They can now only increase their AI/ML accuracy. Product wise they have already killed or cannibalised most of their own creation.

I am excited to see the tides turn.

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    Yeah, animated background pictures is all we need

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    1. These are not animated.
    2. /s ruins the fun.
    3. Those who cannot take sarcasm or criticism are weaklings and should not reproduce.
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    I agree with you, because they are so high and in demand they don't put effort anymore. The only way for them to go up again is to go down enough to realize they need to improve or people won't use them anymore
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    @SoldierOfCode yes. They need to humble down.
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    @F1973 I think same applies to Windows.
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    @theKarlisK New windows is better than windows 8 or 7.

    I really like the Spotlight concept.

    Just cannot control it.
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    @F1973 what's good in Spotlight?
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    That's the standard software maturity model. I do think I prefer stagnation to feature snowballing.
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    @F1973 I disagree about windows 7, although I generally agree, win8 and 10 at first sucked and they received a hude backlash and a lot of shit, and luckily they were smart enough to start improving
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    I dont think that will happen soon.
    Its just like old software now, new companies or users might not use it, but the infrastructure of some companies is just set with those services (not necessarily google).

    Also, Googles marketshare is almost scary, I dont think that they will topple that fast. Except when something comes along that makes them obsolete. But as their services are so diverse, I doubt they all die down together.

    That being said, I really like your world view of the normal distribution. Healthy rationale
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    Google Wallpapers exists. How much time do you spend on your browser's startup page?
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    How many more boom/bust browser cycles will we have to go through until a browser is just a browser and it doesn’t matter which one people have installed? That was the point of the Web to begin with. Ugh.
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    @iiii that it has new images periodically instead of same dull background.

    @SortOfTested to each their own :)

    @SoldierOfCode you mean Win 7 > Win 10?

    @Rotten ofc not soon or overnight. That's why we plot the normal distribution.

    @electrineer really? I never it did. It's not about spending time of a page. It's about seeing something better when you open a new tab instead of your theme or whatever default you have.

    @stackodev isn't that applicable to every software?
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    @F1973 If it was still supported, yes
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