I should add to my list of skills "managing to keep the interviewers entertained for 90 minutes, even though I couldn't answer like 90% of their questions".

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    This is called sales
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    Excellent communication skills.
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    "Straight shooter with upper management written all over her."
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    Smile a lot. Try not to fidget. You could do some delaying moves.... double on your clothes/accessories (scarf, jacket, glasses) and remove them one by one during the interview. Compliment interview's look as well. Feel free to keep enough on you not to get you kicked out the building.
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    Managing to keep them "entertained"? I have visions of you breaking out into a musical number for 90 minutes ­čśé
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    @iamai It's not the "leather couch" sort of interview :)
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    @AlmondSauce No, but there were strong satirical elements at play.
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