So I started with my new job this week, making a switch from service based company to a product based company.

Feeling blessed :-)

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    Praise Cthulhu! He works in terrifying, mysterious ways. πŸŽ‰
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    Some days I wish I could go to just product or service, but when you have both.... 😡πŸ₯Š
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    Congrats on your new job! Btw just curious why would product based be better than service based?
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    @iamai it's more of a personal preference. I like to build stuff from scratch and experience the whole SDLC, rather than doing just bug fixes and support tasks.
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    What is the difference, though?
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    Congrats buddy!
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    Congrats! Moved from Product to Services recently πŸ₯‚
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    @iamai In India product based company are better to work at rather than service based.
    Generally pros are:
    - friendly culture
    - great learning curve
    - flexible timing
    - extra perks
    - far better salary compared to service based companies. You can say 80-200% difference.

    These are very generalized facts. Varies from company to company.

    Most of the large scale service based companies in India are called "mass recruiters". They literally hire 300-400 new grads from one college every grad year. Now you can imagine the quality of work. And they will push you in any domain support/qa/dev even if you are not interested. Sometime people don't have any project to work on.

    But there are some service based companies which are small sized and almost same culture and standards as product based
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    @viralparmardev I guess in terms of just support and adding minor enhancements vs building from scratch the latter would be more exciting. Possibility of something new vs support which could become routine.

    @scorpionk service feels like support work which could get toxic like critical weekend tickets and mostly routine task. Although doing support then product may be a good job transition somehow.
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    @iamai Choosing service over product based depends on number of factors.

    Service based companies do have comfortness but again that's not guaranteed for every employee.
    Same goes for product based companies, not evey one of the are as good as what I have said earlier.

    I have seen people happy in both of them from their angle of view.
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    @F1973 Left a product startup in Mumbai to join a services startup in Hyderabad :D
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    @scorpionk Legit. Too many variables to conclude anything. My own experience with product companies (~4 years) have been mostly shit but it comes down to the bosses, processes and well yourself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    @F1973 Ye nikle corona to lagata hu chakkar brotherπŸ₯‚. Hyderabad is fun! I was there earlier for an year. All the best my dude, we'll hangout together then :D
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    Huh doing exactly the opposite right now, product company was nightmare, all tech departments treated like shit because for some reason sales/marketing is viewed as the breadwinners.
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    @sudocode yes too much process and lack of process both ruins good company. Irrespective of type (product or service based)
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    Btw I didn't know people from Mumbai are here too.
    Hi from Kalyan πŸ™‚
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    @PAKA I see B2B thing. Closing big customer's deal is flashy in companies. Directly put Sales team in limelight when that one quarterly big meeting about company happens.
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    @F1973 Sure. I hope we will meet at some meetup post covid :P. I try to attend some of them.

    Looks like I'm spamming someone else's thread πŸ˜‚
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    @F1973 JS and Flutter mostly. I would like to attend python. But Mumbai Python group is not active.
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    @scorpionk hi from Bhayandar
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    @F1973 mai Karza Technologies mein laga hu... Worli side... Commute from Bhayandar is going to be kinda tough
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