I have this weird thing about wanting to see the world but not really seeking to get a job in another country. If I was bored and unemployed, I'll take the interviews from companies abroad but at the tiniest incovenience like the internet being shit, I'll back out.

If I just worked abroad for a couple of years, converted my earnings to my country's currency, I would have had some properties. But it's almost like a masochism thing or maybe just the thought of playing a video game on easy mode. It's not as rewarding. Maybe I'm just used to struggling and the idea of getting things easy makes me feel like I didn't earn it.

This is not to say that getting a job abroad or the work itself wouldn't be hard. I'm talking about it in terms of making money and where you spend that money. There are foreigners here who are not considered rich back home but they choose to live here because they get more value for their money.

It's just a nonsense mindset thing I need to get over.

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    This applies to coding as well. When a solution seems too easy, I become suspicious of it. I'm slowly getting over it because I'm conscious about the time I waste overthinking some dumb shit.
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    Make it in Germany?

    You know, coding and wild techno homo parties at Berlins Berghain and KitKat Club.
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    @heyheni I will think about it. Thanks.
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    @F1973 Grew up poor, wasn't used to an easier life. Life is good now though.
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    @rutee07 it's hard to get out of our comfort zones. Whether working local or abroad as long as your happy. I guess it'll be useful to ask those cliche interview questions to yourself? Like where do you see yourself 5 years from now or if for code 50 minutes from now then you work backwards from there.
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    @F1973 I wish you the best of luck in that, man. Sometimes it's difficult to do it in your own country.
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    @iamai I still can't answer the "where in five years", honestly. I want to see what's out there first. I committed to going on vacation (even just some weekends) in a new place every month then visit different countries this year. That lasted from December 2019 to March 2020 then the lockdown began.
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    @F1973 Does it have something to do with culture?
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    @rutee07 it's fine. the questions are merely guidelines and there is really no hard rule to follow. Committing to see the world actually is a plan in itself. I hope the Covid situation gets better.

    Anyone who has that remote to fast forward life, I'd buy one of that. If it works to rewind and rewrite then I'd pay even more.
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    @F1973 I can definitely relate to that. There are certain aspects in the culture where I live that don't make sense to me. I have more social interactions with people online and I find most of them likeable so I also want to know if things would be the same way if I visited another country.

    I hope you find what you're looking for and spend most of your years with people who appreciate you.
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