I worked with many different languages through my programming journey. With C#, JavaScript and Clojure I worked professionally, was hired to either teach them or write in them, I earned money that way. I also did architecture, databases shit, devops and occasional basic cybersec.

Now I do frontend. I'm a very sloppy and clumsy programmer when it comes to anything that isn't CSS. But when it comes to CSS I'm the ninja, I'm the absolute killer. I go very hard on CSS, I did my very best to know it inside and out. I chose CSS to be my scalpel language, my expertise.

Terrible choice isn't it? I don't think so. Because of my CSS my websites require only a minuscule amount of JS, and JS also more prone to bugs than CSS. So 1000 lines of CSS can never cause a runtime error but even 1 line of JS can.

Client-side pseudo-routing, pseudo-random patterns, persistent state, all-declarative custom data attributes that'll translate into UI, linting and many more – I can do it all in CSS only.

In CSS the order of properties doesn't matter. In CSS you can't write bugs, they are merely glitches that are easily fixable. In CSS you can't cause a runtime error. CSS is very fast (thanks browser optimizations) and powerful yet invulnerable without JS, there is no eval(). CSS never disappointed me. It's declarative, it just does what I tell it to do, nothing more and nothing less.

I'm now at the point where I can do responsiveness without media queries and dark modes without JS, I also lint my webpages' accessibility with CSS only and no JS linter.

CS background + one language that you know at the prodigy level = you're almighty.

Bonus quick CSS maffs – quit using transition: all. https://codepen.io/uyouthe/pen/...

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    I kinda despise CSS, but I totally agree with you argumentations.
    But... how do you do you responsiveness without media queries?
    I mean, I understand dark mode without JS, but responsiveness (on complex pages) without media queries? TEACH ME NOW
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    @ZioCain not gonna do it here. Dm me if you really wanna know, telegram is in my bio
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    > "they are merely glitches that are easily fixable"

    Maybe for you, for me (a mostly backend programmer), CSS glitches can take a long time to figure out.
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    @LHofman it’s completely okay. I suck at anything related to cookies but that tasks may be obvious to you. That’s the whole point of specializing into either frontend or backend, nobody is expecting you to know css well if you’re not a frontend developer. Not knowing css doesn’t make you a worse backend dev
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    Is it possible to learn this power?
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    @sudo-woodo yes but hard without a CS background. You may try to cheat and only learn declarativeness and imperativeness and then proceed to css, it may work
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