It should be illegal not to have a convenient keyboard shortcut to quit your app. Ctrl+Q ideally. No, Alt+F4 doesn't count. It's too hard to press.

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    fuck Ctrl-Q with all my heart.

    it's too easy to press by accident and applications generally treat it as "close without asking"

    Alt-Esc or Shift-Esc would be a much saner choice
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    That makes me think about university, when a teacher in a programming course had written his own application to develop in (a very specific text editor, nothing fancy, but we had to use it); it had a lot of standard shortcuts, they were just assigneded quite inanely, i.e. `Ctrl+A` was force quit...

    Shortcuts should never use an established shortcut for another operation and the more destructive the operation is, the harder it should be to press it by accident...

    `Ctrl+Q` is already the closing command in many applications (https://defkey.com/what-means/...), but even more so is `Ctrl+W` (technically "Close window")...
    And I would much prefer a standardisation of "Redo" as `Ctrl+Y` and `Ctrl+Shift+Z` divide the "market" evenly, with a few using `Ctrl+R` and even `Ctrl+Q`...
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    If alt+f4 is too hard to reach you should probably get bigger hands.
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    There is a reason they invented a Quit Control for VSCode
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    @Flygger was the teacher French by any chance?
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    @iiii Enlightened UX is when ctrl+w closes one window of a multi-tabbed application and ctrl+q closes your entire application without asking or saving any state for you. Slip of the finger and you're a goner
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    @justamuslimguy yup, exactly.
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    My DE offered this feature of using Ctrl+Q by default
    And I immediately disabled it when I found out
    Because trust me, it's awfully dangerous, and even more when you have an AZERTY keyboard like me and S and Q stand next to each other…
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