My wife and I have the same headset. Not a big deal you might think, but I just ran around in despair for 20 minutes looking for my headset until I figured out that I accidentally put MY headset on top of HER laptop...

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    My wife was asking about headphones like mine.

    I think I'm going to have to put a sticker on mine if she gets her own....
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    @N00bPancakes I was going to say:

    @TheCommoner282 mark the headphones somehow!
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    I know I’m tired when I confuse the word “headset” with “mindset” in my head and then struggle to understand how you’re looking for your partner’s way of thinking in a panic.

    Agree that you should find a way to mark them.
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    "looking for your partner's way of thinking"

    That's the human condition right there.
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    I pee on my headset to let everyone know who owns it. It's important to implement the iron fist.
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    Yeah, guess will do.

    @rutee07 thanks, guess I'll try that... Just for clarification: Do I piss on my own headset or the one of my wife? Guess that's kind of marking vs showing dominance...
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    Ah, the 鉄拳 method. Classic approach.
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    @TheCommoner282 You can piss all over the entire house. It's perfectly fine.
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    @rutee07 I'm okay with that as long as everyone agrees to not say anything to @uyouthe and make him feel like he's going crazy.
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    @Jilano I’m feeling like this no matter what you mofos do
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