designing a SOAP backend in 2020....

i hate it, its wrong.
i hate it, because mounting technical debt ties a system to the past.
i also hate it, because i dont want to shit around with jurassic things. or short:

i hate everything about the fact that i am sitting here, designing a SOAP backend, in the year 2020

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    "Jurassic things" :D That's how I used to refer to an old IBM solutions architect we worked with.
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    But... why?
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    Its more like year 202 :\
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    Don’t say things like this around COBOL programmers. I tweeted about my rage at the government failing to upgrade from COBOL to literally anything else. The problems of that resulted in entitlement benefits not being paid to people who were in desperate need of those benefits. COBOL programmers were NOT amused and I spent the rest of the day trying to explain myself to them on Twitter.
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