Team is given a list of some 200 enhancement request to close.

Now internally we need to distribute the items in 3 categories (A, B, and Unidentified) and close them our way. So we have to split the items between us is the first step to the task.

Leads of both side sit together and map the value in an Excel sheet. Simple right?

How fucking difficult this task should be? Any guess?

No brainer, right?

This mentally handicap lead I had the great luck to work with from other category fucked my brains. Fucked em raw. Full hardcore BDSM mode.

He distributes items in category C, B, G, and K.


How did he even do that? Some cinnamon toast strategy he implemented.

Now he tells me go through C, B, G, and K to pick whatever belongs to category A and B and sort it out with other teams. He would work on category B and unidentified to and we keep sending each other the same sheet over email and pick out what's left to sort.

Yeah, he is implement Git via emails. I am still wondering what logic he implemented to fuck a simple apple to apple mapping activity.

I have absolutely no clue how this human manages to function on day to day basis.

Fine. We do it your way just don't fuck with my brains and just assign me the task, why do you want inputs from me if you are going to function like a potato!!!

God save me.

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    You seem to be working with imbeciles, would probably have been easier to spin a bottle with postit notes 😅

    OneDrive, share workbook, everyone can collaborate on same workbook. 😉
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    @C0D4 So issue was not about collaboration.

    I lead category A and he leads B. We distribute the items in each bucket and park whatever is common or confusing.

    And then we work individually on our items as they don't overlap.

    This retard has some innovative solution to it.
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    How does thing level of dumbness happen at you workplace at least once in a week, holy fuck man, every few days I am amazed at your mental toughness, teach me LOL
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    @SoldierOfCode I am so used to this kind of stuff that I have started to live a life where I believe every workspace is fucked and everyone's life is crazy struggle.

    Having a smooth life of less bullshit or drama is now a dreamy illusion to me.
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    @F1973 see, you assumed he manages to survive day to day every week when he manages cabbage to cabbage on lumen basis every earth rotation around the moon.
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    @theKarlisK Now I know where I am going wrong.
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    He basically spread the tasks into random non existing categories and let you do his work. What a hero.
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