Yesterday i said i need to make Android 11 building.
Well today i spent literally deleting and reorganizing shit because hey google once again decided that it would be AMAZING if hey LOCAL_COPY_HEADERS would be deprecated completely.
Oh hey you need that in your projects ? SIKE FUCK YOU. We are gonna deprecate it and you cant do shit.
It is building for now. If it will continue and if it will finish (Highely unlikely) is unknown at the moment.
But its building so far.

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    Well as one could have expected it went to shit. But they are easy errors. GCC not set correctly and sepolicy.

    Tho im tired AF. Fuck it for today.
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    @Haxk20 It's been 11h, are you done yet?
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    @Jilano I just woke up mate
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    android 11 has that gay-ass anti-third-party-camera policy doesn't it?
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