What would you do if you were asked to work in a feature with a guy that last time didn’t do shit and the little shit he did was crap.

a) Ask for a reassignment
b) Take over the feature and reassign the other guy
c) Hope this time is different
d) Other

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    Gotta get the lay of the land with your manager. Do they know what is going on? Do they agreed with you? Etc.
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    Ask him to entertain me by dancing naked. Seriously, I'll kick him out and do things myself but only if I really can't find any tasks that he can and will do.
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    e. Tell the boss he sucks and should be fired.
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    @N00bPancakes well lead dev patience is running out, a couple weeks ago he said that he was willing to let him go but yet still here
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    @rutee07 I did that last time but those tasks I gave him turned out to be crap and on top of that he ignored the conventions I specifically told him we were following so I had to refactor and do things properly.
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    @mcfly well that's half the battle.

    I would keep that lead informed at the very least. Do so professionally, but keep the lead in the loop.
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    Raise your concerns with the lead beforehand, then make sure the task is really well-planned and broken up into segments.

    Make sure that "who does what" is thoroughly documented, expect to do it all, and be pleasantly surprised if the other guy does anything. Then prepare to give feedback to the lead afterwards.
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