Oh, I get it now, why I've been feeling sluggish and unproductive in the previous weeks. I've been oversleeping and overeating. I gained 3kg within 3 weeks of living with a giant early bird. I went to sleep earlier but didn't wake up earlier.

I delivered what would have been a week's worth of code in a month. I'm not overweight but with my body type, a 3kg gain is easily felt. It sucks that I still can't have my evening walks and the gyms are still closed but I'm slowly losing the weight from going back to my normal sleeping and eating pattern.

Hopefully, I will reach decent productivity again.

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    I have found that oversleeping has a HUGE effect on my productivity throughout the day, I'm more tired after sleeping 10 hours than I am if I only sleep 5-6 hours. I also have found that exercising helps a lot too, you sleep better and are more focused during the day.

    Btw I miss the gym too, I had plans to get really fit this year, gain some mass, but this virus fucked everything up. I'm assembling a home gym with my brother though, just waiting for the freaking bar to arrive, everything else is ready. When it gets here I'll get fucking shredded m8
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    @neeno Same on the sleeping thing. My place is too small for most gym equipments so I settle for some small dumbbells for my arms and squats for my booty legs. It's not the same as lifting in the gym though. No more massages either.

    Let me know how it goes. I want to see your home gym setup.
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    @rutee07 will do! When everything's here I'll post a pic and tag you so you can see it
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    3kg...? Well, I guess it depends on your actual weight. As a delta of 3 kg is something I often observe on myself. By often I mean several times a week.

    I can easily lose >1kg by doing nothing but having a good night sleep. And easily gain 2 kg by eating some delicious meal for lunch, some chocolate and drinking a few cups of water afterwards [in fact -- happened y-day :D ].

    So gaining 3 kg is not necessarily a significant marker IMO.

    BUT if you're used to static weight - then yeah, I see what you mean.

    EDIT: sluggish and unproductive could have something to do with autumn too ;) Timing fits
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    @netikras My weight usually changes for like 1kg more or less. Sometimes I lose it after a good night's sleep, peeing, and taking a huge dump. I gain it when I start a new workout routine. It's still the same these days, also 1kg changes within the day except +3kg on the lowest and highest weight.

    I felt sick sometimes after eating in those 3 weeks but I'm a dumbass, I should have taken that as a sign that I can't compete in the dining table with someone twice my weight. I also stopped looking at the scale. Funny how it can sneak up on you after almost a month of not checking.

    We only have hot as fuck and rainy as shit seasons here though. 🤠
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    I've only gained weight in the past few months but my waist has s h r u n k. I'm getting so fit 🤭 I love the gym I have the best time there and it definitely affects my productivity. I make time for exercise daily even if it consumes the only hour of spare time I have. I've found I'm so much more.. aware? Focused? Absorbent to knowledge? Like I actually get my uni courses now rather than just sit and drool in the auditorium and read without understanding the words.

    I hope you can get back to your routine and find some manner of exercise that works for you. I know it's not the same but there are many workouts you can do using only your body weight and the floor. I particularly like doing core exercises until I wanna vomit, try it!
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    @Elyz That's nice to know. I hope it keeps working for you. I definitely miss the clear mind and sometimes, the "pain" after going to the gym. It's hard to simulate but I'll do my best at home. Thanks!
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