Working on huge project that is supposed to replace a critical component in our system. I wrote it a year ago and now tidying it up and fixing things.

It is so broken and so shit idk even how to approach fixing the brokenness. I have a lot of time invested in it but I know its going to be a failure out of the gate. I'm so fucked.

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    How do you approach something broken? Just wait for someone to scream? But if you are the only person testing and screaming I guess you can go back to your high level design documentation and break it in areas. Test one area throughly before moving to the next.
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    @iamai Yeah I need to do something other than stare at screen lol.

    It's an importer that utilizes rabbitMQ and verifying the data is tedious. Plus memory leaks that currently kill the importer but mem leaks are sort of par for course for this framework so trying to work around them is frustrating.
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    @superposition aaack not my expertise but here is my ++ to show support for your work and good luck with it. You can also inform/trick your manager to hire an intern or reallocate a new hire to stare the screen with you. Two heads are better than one.
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