I can't use the stupid library I want because some fuckhead decided to change a stupid import. I guess backward compatibility for something as stupid as that would be too hard to insure.

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    I don't know what this image has to do with it but I love it
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    mhm delicious hedgehog curry 😆
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    I keep staring at this. Why?
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    @alexbrooklyn yeah that's not the right image but guess I'm leaving that right
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    @ostream if that was just a missclick, what was the original image, and why did you have that one?
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    @ScriptCoded Originally, that was a link from https://stackoverflow.com/questions...

    "DOCUMENT is removed from @angular/platform-browser If you use DOCUMENT from @angular/platform-browser, you should start to import this from @angular/common."

    That kind of stupid breaking change.
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    @heyheni Yeah, it's made with dyed plutonium.

    @rutee07 Probably because it smells blue and you want to paint your genitals with it.
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    @F1973 Don't worry, it's okay to be scared, Velma
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    Just to keep this even slightly on topic: I agree, Angular is shit.

    Now for that image... Is it called "Sonic curry" because of the way it comes out of you? 🤔 I have so many questions... This will keep me up at night for the next week...
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    And what's with that colour, did Elon Musk have too much rocket fuel and didn't know what to do with it?...

    Aahhh, the voices, they keep asking questions! 😬
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    I cant decide if looking at this picture makes me want to shit immediately, or never again 🤔
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