I dedicate my this day to 3 women in my life that I met very recently.

The mental connection is on another level. I have met and talked a lot of women in my life but a lot of times, I had to put in efforts to keep the conversation running and for the first time I had to excuse myself out. Tjings were sooo smooth. Whoa!!!

Well let's leave that part aside as it's silly anyway.

These 3 women came like a guardian angel at the right time (when I am in my darkest hour and literally have no one to talk to).

Their life and career advice is so spot on and much needed. I truly admire their bold attitude and powerful personality. They are self made and it reflects.

I learned so much in just one day.

Even more, they were offering more knowledge, help and support even when I was unable to take anymore.

I don't know whether this sounds foolish or makes sense but I wanted to share this here and one of those women is possibly reading this and she knows it.

So accept my sincere thanks for guiding me and hearing me out.

Some people are truly a blessing. The worse part is, you want them to stay but they walk in and walk out at the right time when their job is done.

I have had similar experiences in past and I truly want such people to stay longer, if not forever. And I think that's the right way to make friends.

With some people you only receive and they never ask back for anything, even if you offer them everything.

Stay blessed good people.

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