That team who used to borrow me and used me as a scapegoat is now drowning in tickets. I notice these things a lot with developers who view themselves as gods and make others feel useless:

1. They work in a specific area that is far from rocket science - one was a Python web developer and the other one was an IBM Maximo developer (click this button, drag this, woo development). Despite how truly average they are, they think their intelligence is so high up Satan's mini skirt that everyone should sniff between their toes.

2. All of their current team members are dependent on them which inflates their ego more. Members are trained and groomed to suck their tits despite being fully grown adults, almost like a narcissistic parent and a golden child. *cringe*

3. When someone who is experienced joins the team, they resist and instead become hostile towards the new member. One manager used the word "territorial".

4. New member leaves, no more threats to the King/Queen, they feel needed once again. The new guy is slandered into being the problem. No more evil new guy.

"But my King, if the witch is gone and the curse was broken then why are we still struggling? In fact, we are struggling even more!"

- "Off with your head, peasant! How dare you question my 2-inch dickey?"

5. The project either loses their client or they drown in tickets long enough that the rest of team members leave.

I'm not criticizing the tools they use, I'm just saying wow. So drown, you fucking goblin. Drown in the sea of puss bursting out of your unwashed ogre face like the happiness bursting out of my lewd heart.





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    Ego makes people blind, although sometimes they act like they have a big ego... but it's because somewhere inside they know they suck.
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    I just read the other rants.... man it is even WORSE than the rant that posted here. Not just kinda unprofessional, grossly unprofessional / not in control of his own work.

    I'd be very "They don't seem to feel my help if helpful, I'd rather work on other things from now on." with that guy(s)....
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    @N00bPancakes Yes, I was angry every time I interacted with that team. I had other rants about the whole process but I'm too lazy to find them but I talked to the "highest" manager and said I don't want to work with that team anymore. I stopped working with them a few months ago and I just saw the tickets during this morning's meeting.
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    Rutee be like:
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    @theKarlisK Where is this from? I live in a cave.
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    @IntrusionCM DC Comics, almost always good.
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    Quoting Wiki:

    "In 1975, an investigation into the kidnapping of a young girl named Blair Roche led to the transformation of the "soft" Kovacs into the ruthlessly uncompromising Rorschach. He tracked the kidnapping to a man named Gerald Grice. At Grice's shack, Kovacs found evidence Grice had killed the girl and had fed her remains to his dogs. Discovering this, Rorschach suffered a psychotic breakdown, killed the dogs with Grice's meat cleaver and waited for his arrival. When Grice returned, Rorschach hurled the corpses of the dogs through his windows, handcuffed him to a stove, and poured kerosene around him. Leaving Grice a hacksaw, Rorschach told him that his only chance to escape would be by cutting off his hand. Rorschach then set the shack on fire and left. No one emerged.[14] During a later psychological evaluation, the vigilante stated that Kovacs went into the shack, but that Rorschach came out. "

    Goood character.
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    @IntrusionCM Damn. I like characters like this. I prefer them over the goody-goody heroes. I guess I have more to read about this weekend aside from the old necrons lore. Thanks.
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    @rutee07 Same for me... ;) And somehow... I thought that you'd like that. XD
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    @IntrusionCM You always know what I like, daddy.
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    @rutee07 nutjobs need to stick together xD
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    Rorschach 🖤
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    Posers will eventually fall on their own lies and mediocrity. It's always just a matter of time.
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    @IntrusionCM @F1973
    Read the graphic novel. Then read it again. Only then watch the movie.

    Who watches the watchmen?

    also - read sincity after.
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    @rutee07 if you have Netflix it's on there. It's a movie without a happy ending and I remember people complaining how it's not accurate enough to the source material. Personally, I really liked the movie.
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    @magicMirror China obviously - China be watchin' you watching them.
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    Obviously - you are not a golfer.

    movie quotes. NM 🙄.
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    Nice. A friend loaned me the actual book.
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    @theKarlisK I already watched the "ending", unfortunately. Searched for the origins after @IntrusionCM mentioned it.
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    @magicMirror I used to collect comic books. I'll check if that shop is still open. I want to get back to it now that no one can borrow it. 😝
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    wow dude, did u quit right?
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