Hello! I invite you guys to try my easy-to-use library for coding in JSX without React!


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    You had me sold at simple, powerful, awesome. What more could someone ask for from a js framework.
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    The espania comments kind of bother me.

    Also, polymer already made a super efficient, even smaller renderer that’s compatible with the hyperscript api
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    Please tell me those tarballs are in there by accident D:
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    Do you have accompanying type declaration files?
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    @SortOfTested What do you mean ?
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    d.ts files to go with the contracts and structures. Most js libs ship with them nowadays, they make it easier to grok third party code.

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    @SortOfTested Prakma is just a library to compile JSX into JS. Is just one function with that functionality. I don't need what you mentioned before, do I?
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    @leocast you don't *need* it no, but it can be a nice addition for developers that use TypeScript to integrate it easier.

    For example in src/prakma/Prakma.js you have the function prakma with 3 args: tags, attrs and children.

    With d.ts files you can inform the editor:

    - tags should be of type string or Object

    - Define what properties the object could have (using an interface)

    - what the function returns

    They are totally up to you (you are the maintainer) but a d.ts file can be desirable :)
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    @leocast Of course you do. You can change the signature of jsx.

    Like, not having to use className, but good ol’ class instead
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    Looks awesome
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